• americanrecluse

    I love that your sponsored posts “sound” just like the non-sponsored sort – great writing. Great story, too. I got a little teary.

    Incidentally, Leta’s glasses are awesome. And having recently gone through the glasses-buying experience, man, what I wouldn’t give to have a face that isn’t overwhelmed by visually strong glasses. The only kind that look good-ish on me are the ones that essentially disappear on your face. You know, the kind that is no longer in style. (insert half whine, half sigh)

  • jessiCat

    I’m so glad you posted this. I’m kind of at a loss right now about how to comfort my son, and reading your words gave me some insight. My BABY (he’s 9, but damn it he will be my baby forever) was crying tonight because he thinks he’s “fat”. I don’t know what child said that to him, but he’s brought it up before. He isn’t fat….at ALL. He’s actually tall and lanky. He’s almost 4’9, and weighs 87lbs. He plays baseball (travel baseball…he’s seriously working out more than I think a 9 year old should…but that’s another story), and he is nothing but lanky, spunky little boy. He cried big ol’ tears, the ones that hurt the most, tonight because he really thinks he’s fat :( I don’t know what to do. He has ADHD, and is very sensitive (bless his heart, he got that from his mama…the sensitive part). He gets so upset with himself. I just want to wrap him up in a hug and tell him that I will make it alright for the rest of his life, but we all know I can’t do that. I really need suggestions on how to boost his self confidence. Sorry for the thread hijack… Jess

  • http://twitter.com/Top45at45 Theresa Boisseau

    Leta sounds a lot like my daughter Nicole. I have said similar things to her about other people including that sometimes when people are mean, they are acting out of fear, jealousy or the need to control. It has helped me and her get through some tough times. Best of Luck!

  • Melinda Braun

    Thank you for that story. I have my own sensitive daughter who is three. I was the same way as well, so I know it is both a curse and blessing to have that “gift”. And as she grows and has to go to school and deal with all that stuff that happens, I think that explanation is wonderful. It’s also wonderful that Leta feels she can come to you with her problems. I never felt I could do that as a kid, because my parents would have just told me to “get over it”.