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A dozen years

I need to sit my website down and have a talk about “the changes in its body.”

On campus

Luckily I was wearing a coat.

Just a dollop

Peanut butter is a photographer’s best friend.

“Maybe there’s a good reason donkeys shouldn’t talk”

Once upon a time… there was a very tired 9-yr-olrd the next morning.

The Dame and the Former Congressman

A portrait of diplomatic relations.

Try, try again

Here’s where some of you are totally going to disagree with me and possibly judge my parenting style.

Cami’s protégé

Marlo’s fall/winter ready-to-wear collection.


Ditching the sports bra because she made the effort to learn Beethoven.

This should explain my relationship with Utah

The boots were made for walking, but the coat was made for leaving at home.

There is no crying in baseball

No crying, no yelling, no nutritional value.