• Ruthie

    That last picture? Tears. So sweet. And I am the Dane/Tyrant of my friend’s families. I am FOREVER grateful they let me tag along and be part of their kids memories.

  • Shiri Sandler

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize that the real question is “how on earth is Dane wearing shorts in that weather and can I get genes like that, please?” is just judgemental and silly.

  • Kate S.

    Yes! That’s what I was wondering.

  • Kate S.

    These pictures are great, and that one of your mom is really cute.

  • katdenk

    That last picture…that is why I had two kids. When my girls drive me insane, I pull up the pics I have of them like that and remind myself that it’s worth it.

  • Megan Gordon


  • Necole

    Oh my goodness that picture of your baby girls. I hope to take my family there one day. I absolutely love that place.

  • Tina Beveridge

    Why is Dane wearing SHORTS?! If you have to wear a coat and gloves, it’s time to zip the bottom half back onto those adventure pants, man.

  • HeatherArmstrong

    It was a miracle that he was wearing shoes. He is one with nature.

  • JR

    Is the Avon World Sales Leader in full make-up?! A woman after my own heart as someone who took (and used) a hair dryer the one and only time I went camping.

  • Zola

    Really, why would Marlo want to walk when she can Fly (via Dane)?

  • Kimberly

    Family is rarely the blood that beats through the heart but the heart itself! Love it! very inspiring!

  • http://www.yourfridayafternoondistraction.com/ Joanne Zeis

    Aw shucks, Heather, now you made me all teary-eyed. And yes, you’re absolutely right.
    “She’ll remember being surrounded by all that love. I’m not sure there’s a better gift I could give her.”

  • patches23

    I always get a little teary when I see photos of your family and how strong Leta has become, how well they are doing, but what I really feel compelled to say is…wow, Heather, damn, you are one beautiful woman. (Fans himself with a paleo recipe book.)

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    That last picture? Is everything.

  • Brenna Campbell

    Your girls could not be any sweeter!

  • Mary Sue

    That is a beautiful production of your trip from Hyundai.

  • Meg H

    I assumed Dane & Tyrant go with y’all because one needs more than two arms per child when said child is Marlo.
    Also, you should have some kind of contest in which the prize has ‘go to Utah’s parks with Dane’ in it.

  • =^..^=

    I can never remember who I love the most: Dane, Tyrant or The Avon Lady. What a FAB family, Sis.

  • http://twitter.com/Kelby59 Kathy Bryan

    Absolutely nailed Leta’s perfect birthday celebration! Good job, Heather. Photos are great.

  • http://twitter.com/familyfandango familyfandango

    She is truly fabulous, isn’t she?? :D

  • merranie

    as several people already said, who even asks “why dane and tyrant”, at once obvious and also none of their business. regardless, he’s wearing shorts, my god!

    also, great photos. have been following dooce for a little while but this is my first time commenting. thanks for sharing your stories. i have two little boys whom i adore, and are killing me, and my life is hectic in a whole other way. i love reading about the drama of two girls instead, heh.

  • Meg H

    I distinctly recall waiting for the bus at dawn in middle school and the boys wearing shorts & flip-flops in a foot (or two) of snow. Boys are strange.

  • Beth

    My youngest, (Mason, 9) is peering over my shoulder while I look at your pictures and asks, “Who are those kids?” Rather than explain the strange social media relationship that we share, I simply said, “That is my friend Heather, her kids Leta and Marlo, and the rest of their family.” He smiled and told me “the next time they all come to Arizona, they can stay at our house and I want to show the girls your ambulance… or Dad’s.” So there you it, Mason is taking advantage of our lifesaving careers to make friends and look cool… lights and sirens ARE pretty cool. Just thought you should know that you ARE welcome and have friends in Arizona. :) (p.s. I swear just as much as you and LOVE your blog.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ska1ser Shalini Kaiser

    Love the last photo of the girls together! Beautiful! I live in Alice Springs, Australia which the sightseeing around here is a lot like MOAB, minus the snow! Great photos, and hope to get to that part of the country and see the national parks there!

  • ellen

    Hyundai likes the rocks. Got it.

  • Shellbelle486

    Oh, that last picture of Leta & Marlo together! How beautiful and precious, how wonderful that they will have a tangible bit of this memory forever!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sara-Lanthier/760750141 Sara Lanthier

    LOVED this video!!! and that last picture is fantastic.

  • Sue

    My god, your mother is beautiful!

  • http://www.livingthescream.com/ Living The Scream

    That is really a cool video. I have never been there and I live close by as well!

  • Melisa

    Such a priceless memory! She’ll remember this birthday for sure! So much love!
    PS. LOVE the last pic!

  • Jancave

    I just realized that the Avon World Sales Leader, who IS a superhero, also has the power to flip you off with her eyes. Amazing woman; all that love she gives and can still melt your face with one look.