• Kristen Strong

    So his name is Quince? Obviously a well cared-for pooch. Glad things worked out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessie-Jean/31003920 Jessie Jean

    Yay! I love happy endings!

  • http://www.blackphoebe.com/msjen Ms. Jen

    I want photos of Cami’s QUINCEANERA dress. I hope that the skirt was extra flouncy with LOTS OF TULLE.

  • natalie

    Heather, I kid you not, I have seen this dog bounding up 600 East near Trolley Square at lightening speed through the intersections up towards the aves. Twice. Each time by some stroke of luck someone was in their driveway and distracted him – and each time I am pretty sure 10 years were taken off my life from the sheer panic of seeing a black dog dart through 3 intersections like they had just discovered they were invincible and it was the best day of their life.

    If it’s not the same dog, avoid anywhere between 200 S and 900 S near 600 E, or you’ll have another dog on your hands.

  • Rachel Sea

    He is adorable, and I’m sure he would happily gone home with you forever, and ever, but hooray for microchips. I’m all for calling animal control for just that reason.

  • Jancave

    So happy to see the universe tipping in your favor!! No birds showing up to die on your front porch, bobcats in your house or raccoons in your chimney. Now they are coming just to say Hi or have you get them back home, all good stuff. It’s about effin’ time!!!

  • Claire C

    Aww, so glad this story has a happy ending! I hope someone would stop if my little pup got lost on the side of the road.

  • Jen

    Christopher Hitchens is my personal hero. What a perfect name for a pooch!

  • http://twitter.com/IsabellaOrgan Isabella O.

    Hitchens is a handsome boy! I had a similar experience the other day in which the Universe put this handsome black cat in front of me, and I imagined taking him home to add to my collection of handsome black cats.

  • Lisa

    …I was mightily confused six sentences into this post. Amused, but confused. Why might that be??? (Hint: uno, dos, tres…)

  • Dawn

    I’m so happy he was chipped–Chuck might have started to do more than just eat poop if Hitchens had come home with you.

  • Laura

    But now I need to know what his real name is!!!

  • Ashley

    So glad the dog was chipped. Both my animals are chipped, even though the vet gave me an are-you-crazy look when I wanted my 14ish year old cat chipped (because he is the devil and will eventually escape on me despite his age). Still, dogs should also be wearing a collar with identification and license tags at all times so we humans can reunite them with their owners that much faster and know they are a loved pet!

  • twocharacters

    I still want more info about this quinceanera and why it was taking place for a 25 year old. Also, that cake looks delicious.

  • Lisa

    Annnd the motion is seconded!

  • http://twitter.com/cayayofm Andrés

    And thirded!

  • Sharona Zee

    Heather and Hitchens….coulda’ been beautiful! Good job on the rescue though!

  • Jennifer Park


  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.newlin.5 Lisa Newlin

    I’m quite active in animal rescue and I find so many stray/lost dogs! Granted, I’m always on the look out and have a complete set of supplies in my trunk for such an emergency including food, water bowl, collar, leash, bones, treats, etc.

    Depending on the situation of how the animal got out, I might give the owner a stern talking to when I bring the dog back. I’m pretty sure I’m “the crazy dog lady” in the neighborhood.

  • http://oddlovescompany.com/blog/ Katybeth

    Love happy endings! People who intervene and make them happy are the best.

  • Shannon Hulsey

    He looks like my adorable Boo. Labs are the sweetest, most enthusiastic, easy to fool dogs ever.

    Did you get to be one of Cami’s attendants? I’m from deep South Texas, and by tradition, she has a bunch of attendants who wear bridesmaids dresses, escorted by their male cousins in tuxes.

  • Megan Gordon

    He looks exactly like my late dog Milo. Except Milo would never have been loose. He didn’t even like to out to use the bathroom (but he did so grugingly then ran back home) because he was simply terrified of everything. Except me.
    I love the idea of a QUINCEANERA, especially for such a white, white 25-year-old girl. Perfect. Felice Cumpleanos, Cami!

  • WebSavvyMom

    –>I love that you can tell Hitchens’ tail is wagging in the first photo. What’s his real name?

    Our two labs are chipped, glad to know it works!

  • chickwhitt

    Oh, a lab, a black lab especially, those are the very best dogs. You would have been in for a whole new world of crazy with a lab, they’re a unique kind of special.

  • Lisa

    Do we hear a “fifthed,” ha ha? Maybe it’s, like, “Utah years” or something? Maybe they get age credit for putting up with interminable winters?

  • Missy

    Were you drunk when you wrote this? My gosh it hurt my eyes to read. Otherwise, yay animal control and successful stories!

  • http://twitter.com/RWMorey Richard Morey

    If the universe was trying to send you a message then you should have named the dog QUINCEANERA! But I’m glad the microchip (“system”) worked! We have our doggy micro-chipped and I would be heart broken if he ever went missing and the system didn’t work.