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During the fifteen minutes it takes to put on shoes

Leta behind the lens.

Remembering broken pipes and drywall

And the updated electrical system and the water heater and the brand new landscaping I left behind.

That strange new neighbor

Don’t have such a beautiful yard if you don’t want me to photograph it.

New Tunes – Caveman

Another band taking the best part of the sound of the Eighties and pushing it further.


Someone else loves the carpet in this house, too.

An attempt at distraction

Still not as alluring as the glamour of an older sister.

Little sisters are so unfair

God help us all when our periods sync up.

The jokes write themselves

It’s like a Mexican prison around here.

Enjoying it while it lasts

Never has sixty degrees Fahrenheit felt so glorious.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.