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Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.

Coping mechanisms

A pro tip if your kid gets as monumentally bored as mine does.

Cap Sleeve Polka Dot Dress

That’s right. I’m smiling. If you blink you just might miss this.


Chuck is taking over today as I fall over and play dead.

Little hobo Bobo

Another old snapshot I found on my hard drive of my little hobo baby.

Hashtag peanut butter

I am the valedictorian of looking like I am taking notes.

No filter

Remember a world without Instagram filters?

What goes around

A public apology to my siblings who will flash an evil, knowing grin when they read this.

Dose of protein

Too bad I’m renting because this right here would be the reason to get chickens.

Going on four years

A pleasant discovery while clearing out my hard drive.