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Along the edge

Home is where the salt is.

The lair

Where Chuck writes his poetry, where Coco dreams of Fruit Loops.

Miss Combs

It might as well have been a visit from Santa Claus.

And off again

My fourth trip in five weeks and all I have for you is this one invaluable travel tip.

Tequila is perfectly healthy for dogs

This. This is how I celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

Fun at the “besticul”

Most of my free time is spent getting Marlo to say certain words.

So she doesn’t have to worry about the next refill

Gift ideas for your mom’s daily needs, carefully avoiding any “anti-aging” products.

If this isn’t for you, it’s for someone you know

Why can’t you just snap out of it? What reason do you have for being so sad? Why can’t you pull it together already?

Nose piercing

He’s getting super rebellious in his old age.

Happy happy joy joy

Thrilling Saturday afternoon hijinks.