• Chelsea

    That looks really fun!

  • Alison

    Would love to have my own subscription to Netflix instead of “borrowing” from friends and family… I never noticed the resemblance between you and Piper – needs more accent.

  • Anony-Mom

    No lie: we’re netflix addicts in this house right now. Love being able to use the Netflix kids, excited to hear they’re doing even more. We have some potty training goin’ on, and being able to use the “special videos” as a treat? WIN.

  • feathermaye

    Netflix helped keep me and my husband sane during one of the roughest years of our lives. We lost our jobs (and our home, which was part of our job contract) and spent several months rolling around East Texas and taking advantage of the generosity of friends. I’d love to be able to tell him now (employed, with legitimate housing and all) that I’d scored a year’s worth of free streaming. Thanks for this chance!

  • Bridget Mc Brude

    What is this Netflix of which you speak? Giveaways? Yes!

  • lovebuzz38

    Yay! Thanks for the Netflix giveaway!

  • disqus_U6L0zBt5Ik

    I’ve been seriously considering giving up cable and going streaming. Would love a free subscription!

  • Cynthia Jennings

    Since I got rid of cable and am now unemployed, this year of free Netflix would be incredible. *crosses fingers*

  • William Bilancio

    I would love to stream through NetFlix. We still live and breath through the DVR.

  • JillyJu

    Yes, please! I thought I was the only person left who had not seen Orange is the New Black.

  • Jana

    I love Netflix and rarely watch TV any other way. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Michelle Boehm

    Maybe this will FINALLY convince my mother, with whom I live, to give up the f*cking cable, already.

  • Allyssa Wheaton-Rodriguez

    I’d love a Netflix subscription…I really want to see the new Arrested Development episodes!

  • Debbie K

    Thanks for another reason to look forward to Friday!!!

  • Amy

    I have never seen The Sopranos or Game of Thrones. Clearly, I need Netflix. Please and thank you.

  • Kim

    I would love to win this!

  • kchaux

    We live by Netflix in our house, and my son has discovered old Scooby Doo episodes from the 70s – now his favorite show! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  • Schae

    I’m going zero TV/Cable from here on out…Netflix would help the transition :)

  • Carly

    Netflix is awesome. Pick me.

  • Shae

    I would love a free year of Netflix… We just got into “The Walking Dead” I know we are way behind on that train. Also I have an 18 month old that loves to watch “Elmo”. Love your blog BTW!!

  • MaryKC

    That girl who plays Piper in Orange is the New Black was in a show called Mercy a couple of years ago, and I TOTALLY remember thinking, “Wait, is Dooce an actor now?” Like to the point that I had to wait for the credits to roll to make sure it didn’t say “Heather Armstrong.”

  • Meg B

    I started using Netflix when I was pumping at work. I needed to be hands free and there’s no way I was going to sit around and stare at a wall for 20 minutes. I would sit in my little room hooked up to that damn pump and watch episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”. I’m surprised I don’t let down every time I see Neil Patrick Harris.

  • Tiffanie

    Thanks for the giveaway! We’re currently using Amazon Prime for our streaming, as we haven’t paid for cable since we had kids and got rid of our TV in our last move. A free subscription to Netflix would be awesome!

  • Alexis

    I am a random commenter on this post.

  • Kelly

    I keep thinking I want a subscription, but then talk myself out of it again. It sounds like it has improved a lot over the years, so maybe now is the time to go ahead and get it!

  • Sherryl Sanders

    Yes, yes and YES! We’ve cut the cable cord several times over the years, and Netflix – YES!

  • Nicole Cammorata

    Kids these days — they’ll never know the excitement and anxiety that comes with rushing to the VCR to pop in a blank tape when their favorite show/movie/music video (remember those?) suddenly comes on!

  • mdpendley

    I love Arrested Development! Never watched it until a couple of months ago, I’ve now seen every episode. Except these 15 episodes released all at once! Hoorah!

  • Jeninlb

    Sign me up for a year of free Netflix! I think my free trial is about to run out.

  • Josey

    LMAO, I love the pic of you ladies all on the bed like it’s a childhood sleepover. :)

  • rebecadee

    I’ve never used Netflix but I hear great things. This would be my opportunity to try it out :) )

  • lizdesign


  • Jenn

    Oh how I love Netflix. And Arrested Development.

  • Dyanna

    This looks like fun, I may actually get Netflix now!

  • Heather Piper

    I’m about as random as they get.

  • Tabngillysmom

    My family loves Netflix and we would SO appreciate the help to the budget of this giveaway!!

  • Michelle T.

    Yes, I am another person who is commenting so that I could think about netflix. I have to admit though, it’s not the real reason. We are almost the same age (July 19 birthday here too), you write in an evocative way that draws even a skeptic in, and that you are so damn honest when it comes to your struggles with depression and life. Those are more the reason for writing. Things I have always wanted to comment about, but, never had the courage to do so. (Until I get lured by netflix.)

    You are a brave, strong, courageous woman who allows us to take a peek inside your life.

    Thank you

  • Judith Baker

    I am waiting for the day that I can ditch cable. Not quite there yet, but that time is clearing coming.

  • Claire

    Pick me! I’m making my way through The West Wing on Netflix and lovinggg it.

  • Laura White

    We just cancelled our cable and were thinking of subscribing to Netflix. We are trying out their free version right now. A co-worker just told me about “orange is the new black” and yes, you look totally like her!

  • Patty

    Yes to random Netflix giveaway!

  • Isaac James

    Love the idea of original content.

  • jensolo

    I’m late to the Arrested Development thing – probably should have supported it when it was on network tv, but it’s awesome that Netflix is doing it’s new thing. Screw traditional tv, amiright?!?

  • Blennon

    Love Netflix! Great giveaway!

  • Libby E.

    I love NEtflix! So great especially during the summertime.

  • Kizz

    I do love my Netflix and I’ve been devouring their original programming (shout out to the fact that I’m on episode one of Hemlock Grove). I’m polyamorous with my DVR still, though.

  • disqus_Hs8zeT4kSf

    I would love a netflix subscription for my daughter who is about to be 1. Is it bad that i’m trying to make her watch tv?

  • MonZni

    Too small data plans. I hear that! We have Netflix too, and I love the Families idea for the separate accounts. My partner and kid use it, and I simply can’t stomach seeing “my” queue filled with Disney tween programming and B rated action films. So I’ve quit. Because we can’t afford the upgrade. Here’s to winning a giveaway??

  • disqus_Hs8zeT4kSf

    I don’t know why my name is showing up like that…terrible at this commenting business.

  • eclipse

    Cool, thanks for sharing. We’ve been talking about this for our family and didn’t realize all the features. I guess we’ll have to pull the trigger