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“Riddle me this brother can you handle it / Your style to my style you can’t hold a candle to it”


And his career as a model for advocacy continues.

Avon just needs to sponsor my whole blog

Christmas came early this year in a sleigh sponsored by Avon.


A landscape that illustrates the vast expanse between generations.

Walking on sunshine

Carol, this is for you and your land of a thousand lakes. (Oops. I guess it’s 10,000 lakes. My bad!)

Who’s that lady?

Going to turn this into a poster advocating sun protection.

View from a workout

Silence except for me catching my breath for the first time in fourteen minutes and 39 seconds.

Wherein I do a burpee and it has nothing to do with a bodily function

If there are any teenage boys reading this, they are about to go down one giant YouTube rabbit hole.

These two

She’s just going to lie down here for a second, if that’s okay with everyone.

Marlo and Maeve

She’s not a puppy or even a stuffed puppy, but she’ll do.