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Coprophagic Chupacabra

Wherein I explain the different feelings you have toward children and dogs.

All Hallows’ Eve

Leta’s favorite holiday. Wait. No. Christmas is her favorite holiday. And then her birthday. And then Marlo’s birthday. WHY AM I MAKING HER CHOOSE.

It’s all semantics and technicalities

It’s not so much “stretching the truth” as it is “snapping the truth in half and setting it on fire.”

And on and on

Yes, another image of the fall foliage. And some mountains. And a road. There’s a cloud, too.

He totally deserved it this time

Oh, do you look like an idiot, Chuck? Yeah? Well you should have thought about that before being a total jerk.

Feeling Fall

From the thesaurus app: consolation, comfort, solace, freedom, liberation, deliverance, release.

Golden light

Walks with the dogs in autumn look like this. It’ll do, I guess.

I told her she could sing as she walked and walked and walked

I chose that title just to torture those of use who grew up singing Mormon primary songs. Good luck getting that one of of your brain!


Marlo is inheriting all of Leta’s pink flannel pajamas. The ones she wore *last* winter.

The beginning of fall cleanup

What? I know I wear my pink tutu whenever I’m raking leaves.