• Yoga Mom

    I love this. Well, I don’t love that she was sick, but I love how you capture these uncomfortable, unfun moments, that often end up to be the ones we remember. So, why do we spend all this money on circuses and broadways shows, when get our little one to speak is more fun.

  • americanrecluse

    Ewwwww! I hope everyone’s feeling better soon!

  • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

    Grover wants a trumpet. Christmas is going to suck.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Oh, hell no. No portable musical instruments. Unless it’s a white noise machine.

  • Joanna Sequeira

    My son said “ha, ha, ha” instead of “ho, ho, ho” for three years…nobody (and I mean NOBODY) was allowed to correct him. Hope everyone is on the mend.

  • Debra

    pall nelish for horrible hat nakes prevents barf water, or so I’ve heard.

  • Breanne

    I said pol nailish… probably until 3rd grade. Also, Lake Ha-Toe. There’s hope for Marlo. :)

  • Jen Wilson

    My middle child is also silent when she’s got the pukes. It’s how we know she’s sick. Nothing good happens when she is quiet.

    And kid-speak is the best, is it not?

  • Elizabeth B

    Kids made up or mangled words are the best. Once when my son was feeling sick he said his neck felt like a rock-snake. Over 20 years later we all still say “my neck feels like a rock-snake” when we’re sick.

  • Heather Piper

    Mine call our great state, “Yew Nork.”

  • Stacy

    My daughter, who is now 22, also called nail polish, pall nelish! We still laugh about it today!

  • http://smithshack71.blogspot.com/ SmithShack71

    I’m 42. I have a 10 year old girl, and a 14 year old sister. Those two are like sisters. When my daughter was really little she pronounced yogurt her own way. More like yogrit. She loved yogrit. One day my little sister decided to correct her on how to say it. (I wasn’t there to stop it!) Afterwards, my little sister cried and cried… “She’ll never say yogrit again! Why did I tell her how to say it?!” My heart broke for the loss of the word, and for my little sister being so upset about it.
    My girl is a live wire all the time. Quiet when she’s sick. Hate that. I hope you all to be well.

  • megative

    Awww. My 4 year old calls it “toenailish”, and she refuses to wear any “toenailish” on her fingernails, just her toes :)

  • kiwi

    Ha! My almost 4 year old calls nail polish ‘Paint Nolish’…

  • Susan LaPooh

    Oh my goodness I am laughing out loud! I so miss those days with my girls.

  • PhotoCoyote

    I’m reminded of when my 4 kids and I all had the stomach flu at the
    same time. I’ve never been more thankful for the god-given gift of toilets, and the fact that we had TWO of them in our house….. Also, my daughter used to refer to my contact lenses as “tohn-licks” No matter how many times I’d ask if she could say “con-tacts,” she’d smile proudly and say, “Yes! Tohn-licks!” So, two decades later, guess what *I* still call my contacts. Heh. Kids are so awesome :-) I hope your girls are feeling much better now. I’m so glad they have such a good mom to take care of them.

  • MarilynInTheUK

    It’s horrible to see Marlo like that.It’s fitting that the photo is monochrome. Hope all are well soon and that no-one else is struck down. :)

  • Pixie Schultz

    Poor little girls! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  • Teal

    Many years ago we had a “chicken pox Christmas,” in which all three of us were sick with them at the same time over break. Good times, those were.

    This blog entry also reminded me of the time my dad was praying before dinner, and instead of saying the customary “Dear Lord…” he instead said “Dear LERD…” We still laugh about it after almost 20 years!

  • joanlvh

    you just get better, such a funny post and congrats on being such a good sport/mom

  • Susan

    How you keep a straight face with your girls is beyond me. I was the worse mother ever; when I thought it was funny, I laughed. Still not forgiven for much of it.

  • Sue

    I had forgotten all about this (so thanks for the reminder!) For several years, my daughter called it “toe nailish” when you put it on your toes, but nail polish when it went on your fingers. They’re funny little beasts sometimes. Hope yours are on the mend.

  • Heidi

    It sucks big time your girls were sick. But the plus side is collecting little nugget stories like these that make it bearable. Man, your girls are awesome. Barf water and all. I hope you are all on the mend soon.

  • Amy G

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  • Jennifer

    My 4 year old once threw up in the car listening to her favorite Elton John song “The Jet and the Benny.” Now she thinks Elton is the bringer of the flu and has outlawed all his music.

  • Beth

    My daughter likes pepperoni on her pizza but she hates antelopies.

  • Marcy

    Our 8 year old daughter just came in with a last minute addition of a bearded dragon! A real live bearded dragon! Because our dog, cat , Betta, and 11 chickens are not enough.