• Lara

    I’ve only heard a couple of these and usually consider myself pretty on top of things, musically, so thank you! I am going to check the rest out as we seem to have similar taste. Although I didn’t think the newest National was as strong as past albums, “Demons” is most certainly my favorite track.

  • Amy

    Woooo! This is awesome! I loved last years. If it wasn’t for you, Sean Parker’s Spotify playlist and the music editor for The Good Wife, I wouldn’t know what new music to listen to. Seriously, thanks! Hugs from NYC. xx

  • JRSF

    Yay for music recs again! (your Perfume Genius rec was lovely–thank you!). I’ve been addicted lately to Goldspot’s “The Border Line”; Serena Ryder’s “Circle of the Sun”; Vienna Teng’s entire “Aims” album; Lord Huron’s “Time to Run.”

  • anon

    I love your music suggestions. In August you posted “Artificial Light”… it was the first time I listened to Typhoon and I became an instant fan. Thank you.

  • Lainypops

    Excellent list! Demons has definitely been an anthem for me this year. My suggestions would be anything from Bell X1, The Jezebels and Little Green Cars.

  • Leah

    My favorite album (yes, album) this year has been Pura Vida Conspiracy by Gogol Bordello. Favorite track is definitely It Is The Way You Name Your Ship.

  • KM

    Giyo , Pretty Lights , Agnes Obel , Hugo Kant , Mr Grondin , try this out ;)

  • Erinn Powers

    Album “Seems Right” by Jim and The Povolos