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Winter hair

If my children’s hair were a tree.

“A madman sees what he sees”

One of the rare instances in which Coco is forgiven for being Coco.

Paleo Slow Cooking

No, Paleolithic humans did not have slow cookers. I beat you to your zinger, TYRANT.

A portrait of happiness

Find a stick, pick it up.

The lion ate the lamb

Someone had best knock that groundhog upside the head.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.

The doctor is in

Former congressman, doctor, asshole. He wears many hats.

The first of who knows how many

“Because we live in Utah” is now my standard explanation when anything goes wrong.

New Tunes – Ivan and Alyosha

Even your conservative Aunt who has Bible verses cross stitched and hung over her toilet is going to love these guys.

The new normal

Exercise, discipline, affection, exhaustion.