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You rang?

Where everyone in the house does their primping.

Blue sky as canvas

Not as spectacular as the trees in DC, but you will not hear me complaining.

Where the heart is

A space to breathe and assess where I’ve been and where I want to go.

Security system

Who needs fancy motion detectors when you own a herding dog?

“Because I am nice”

I don’t know how her teachers kept a straight face.

Signs of life

Of all the words she could refuse to say, she had to choose this one.

Purple is his favorite color

He’s taking this “happiness” thing a little too seriously.

The number of foods my kid will eat just increased to five

I cooked and they ate and a swarm of pigs flew over the house.

Glorious in glasses

Counting my blessings, especially the nearsighted ones.


“All we have is now.”