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Its nickname is “The Metaphor”

I guess you probably could say that this post is sponsored by my butt.


Would you look at how excited this dog is about living with kids who bring home new toys.

Pay no attention to the sweeping I haven’t done

They can’t ever blame the fact that their height was a disadvantage.

Post-camp cool down

Turning her into a zombie after she’s already been turned into a zombie.

The only thing he loves more than treats

Well, shit. I just googled DOG SKIN CANCER and now I’d like my memory erased.

What idiot thought this was a good idea?

The grand finale of her birthday presents and the beginning of years of ER visits.

Newsletter: Marlo turns four

She was once a little glowworm and now she can perform a wedgie dance.

The lady and his perch

Chuck very much approves of this new house, now please leave him to die.

Oh, are people watching me?

This is before two pieces of cake, three scoops of ice cream, and that bag of candy my evil sister gave to her knowing it would send her through the roof.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.