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His best impersonation

Oddly, the dog on the left looks a little more moody than the one on the right.


I think maybe someone other than the mother of this baby has been taking prenatal vitamins.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.

Someone else is holding on to summer

I wish my spirit animal were more creative and exotic, but I’ll settle for a dog who loves heat.

This one

My nephews Noah and Joshua are in good company.

An embarrassing admission

My heart has softened so much that I’m even willing to throw a tennis ball for this bitch.

The opposite sunset

The intangible souvenir I picked up in Canada.

This is what I want to read for Book Club

Leta really wishes I would just grow up already.


Red, white and Maple leaf.


A very distant relative of Coco who is embarrassed about that part of his lineage.