• Angela

    I am utterly devastated that there’s not a video of Marlo trying this. However, the video in my head is still pretty funny.

  • Eva

    laughed the whole way through this post! The fact that Marlo is testing the theory is just too much!

  • RzDrms

    Truly, this is one of the top five funniest things I’ve ever read on the interwebz: “But instead of resuming her lunch she sat there with her eyes crossed while hitting herself on the back of her head.”

  • tmb

    Every post about Marlo I am convinced more and more that her and my son are soul mates. LOL

  • Carmen

    What a riot! My inner Marlo is alive and well. I still cross my eyes at opportune moments just to see what reactions I can get :)

  • maggie wilkin

    Your girls and mine are very similar. some of my younger daughter’s craziness has rubbed off on the older one, though and helped to relax her a bit, which is wonderful to see. Hopefully, Leta will have similar benefits of having Marlo for a sister.

  • lolquint

    How many free t shirts do you have from Evol burritos? We have 3, one for each kid. That is a lot of damn burritos…

  • Sue

    The last line just killed me. Still laughing as I type.

  • Christine

    I am cracking up sitting at my desk. That is exactly how my youngest (almost 5) is. I cannot stand when my girls cross their eyes either. Sends me into a tailspin.

  • issascrazyworld

    Cannot stop laughing.
    I will say, as a person who was born cross eyed, it makes me INSANE when my children do it for kicks. I had surgery as a kid, yet when I’m over tired my eyes still cross, which as an adult is an instant headache.

  • Desiree myob

    Best post ever! Literally laughed out loud!! Kids got to love them!

  • MandaJo

    I kept waiting to scroll down and see a way-too-close video of one of the girls crossing their eyes. Then I got kind of nauseous and afraid, and my eyes started to feel twitchy. So apparently I also can’t stand kids crossing their eyes, and I thank you for not subjecting me to watching yours do it.

  • Penelope Luedtke

    OMG that last paragraph made me choke on my lunch! Go M!

  • Abbey

    Ha! That’s my youngest too Heather! I don’t know why I tell him not to do things. When I do, those things become his WILL.

  • Margie Klitch

    I had to stop and cross my eyes while reading this, just to make sure I could still do it. :p

  • Kristin Kaminski

    People SAY LOL a lot, but really, they don’t mean it. When you actually LAUGH OUT LOUD at a story on the computer it is memorable. I just did that. thanks!

  • Tish from Luv and Kiwi

    LOL Oh Marlo…Marlo, Marlo…Marlo

  • Alex

    It’s so good that you are writing these little gems down. It would be horrible to forget that priceless day. Even though it is probably an unforgettable one, so glad you aren’t risking it.

  • kmpinkel

    Best thing I have read today. Thanks, Marlo. Keep it coming!

  • Julie

    I absolutely LOVE it when my mom’s words come out of my mouth! “If all of your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too?” That’s one that I said for the first time to my 10 year old the other day and I almost started laughing as the words were spilling out of my mouth!

    I can also relate to your thoughts on your windows. We moved into our new house in April and we have some seriously tall south facing windows in the living room. During the spring and summer months the sun would hit me directly in the eye if I was sitting on the couch in the afternoon. I’ve noticed now in the winter months that it no longer shines there, but significantly to the right, thus sparing retinal damage. I’m a little concerned about the sunlight fading my new furniture so I’m thinking about getting some of that UV blocker stuff that you can put on windows.

  • Ivy

    You know full well that Gigi’s mom is a discombobulated, ferocious mess! So what I think you’re going to have to do is take her out on her birthday (which is in soon) fill her full of foofoo martinis and give her a stern, stern talkin’ to! ;)

  • Bonnie B.

    Okay, you finally did it. You finally made me join the commenting section because I HAD TO tell you how hard I laughed at this. You get the prize for “Children Who Couldn’t Be More Different From Each Other” and your award is in the mail.

  • Stacy

    Yes, the freakin’ whistling! Drives me INSANE!

  • Kelly B

    Dude she was doing SCIENCE. You had a claim with scant evidence so she was going to try it out repeatedly to see if she could replicate the results. You have two geniuses on your hands!

  • Joe

    Ha, ha…that’s awesome! My daughter does that, too…but what is really disconcerting is that she can keep one of her eyes straight ahead and cross the other one. It gives me the shivers every time she does it…which is why she does it! Ugh…creepy!

  • Deirdre

    I actually stopped reading and crossed my eyes to see if I could see three of everything lol, yeah didnt feel so good HAHAHAHAHA

  • Tammy Clough

    The toilet story isn’t just for children! I sent that story to my 80 year old parents who rarely get online and they loved it. They called me (their only way of communicating back) laughing after just reading it.