• VT

    Heather, I have always been critical of these because I just love food so much! But I am interested to see how my body would react to it. But I’m curious about doing a smoothie cleanse versus juice. I’ve juiced, and I hate how all the rest of the fruits and veggies go to waste! Seems to me smoothies wouldn’t be much different (provided they don’t contain added sugars and only those from a whole food). Plus this is made easier by my Vitamix. Thoughts?

  • Lauren

    Thanks so much, Heather. Apology of course accepted, but you know, it’s not really even an apology-warranting thing. I could have deduced that what you just described was the situation. Like I said, I did struggle with whether or not to actually say something, and for the very reasons that you outline.

    I understand your fatigue lense. (And I wouldn’t expect you to separate me out in your post!) I know about all that insane criticism you get, and THAT stuff also stings me. I want to puff up when I read some of the comments here and say, “DO YOU HAVE ANY UNDERSTANDING OF THE HUMAN CONDITION? Of how people work!? You don’t know the Heather I ‘know!’”

    In sum: I’ll always adore you, Heather B. Armstrong. INTERNET EMOTIONZZZZZ

  • Lauren

    Thanks, RzDrms (which I am pronouncing in my head as Rizz Derms). I’m with you on those guys!

  • MallyMon

    You may or may not be aware that here in the UK we are in the midst of a
    sugar crisis. That is to say, there’s too much of it. In our food, in
    our drinks, in our bodies. Apparently we now have the dubious honor of
    being the fattest nation in Europe. So that’s good. International
    debates are raging and research continues as to whether or not sugar is
    as addictive as cocaine or tobacco. On the one hand our government is
    saying we’re all too fat, we have to cut down on sugar. On the other
    hand, they are making lots of money from tax on the sugar trade. We’re
    in a mess! All I can say is that if you have found a way to improve both
    mind and body, then nobody should malign you for it. All the banter
    about the cost of having juice delivered is just silly. It’s your money,
    you earned it, you put it to good use and your children didn’t suffer.
    It really isn’t up to you to save the rest of humanity. It’s rare to
    know what your body needs, and even rarer to meet those needs. I could
    not have done it. However, now I’m starting to read the backs of packets
    in supermarkets and pay more attention to what is in the food I buy.
    And I’m cutting down. On sugar, on dairy and on gluten. For starters.
    After all, it’s my life and my body. I’m going to take charge, just as
    you have done. You are an inspiration, keep up the good work! The haters
    are only jealous ‘cos they can’t do it.

  • deannamcneil

    Hi Heather! I haven’t read your blog in quite a while. I’ve missed you. Somehow this post seems to be the perfect place to keep up. I really respect how creative you are, how brave you are. You’ll never know how important your bravery helped me, inspired me to seize help when I needed it most. I am cared for, well (I also endured divorce juice) and ever so grateful for all that I have received. Mainly though, I just wanted to say ‘Hi’!

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  • Amy

    I’m not sure about in Utah, but in the Toronto area you can get juice delivery for around $45 a day. And there are often sales or groupons available. While it’s not cheap, I don’t think that is overly indulgent. Mind you, since I am a resident of Ontario, I don’t need to pay when I go to the doctor… (Since juice and healthcare seem to be connected?)

    And where do you draw the line? Should I take down my recent vacation photos because some people can’t go on vacation? Don’t enter an Oscar pool because some people could only rent one of the movies?

  • Vanessa Fisher

    Wow. That puts it so well… I have done the Master Cleanse before with similar results. The clarity, oh the clarity. I recently did a 21 day Panchakarma in India and understand what you mean by letting go of the noise. Very liberating…

  • Keri

    Love. This. You go, girl.

  • Courtney K.

    So, no one’s allowed to have any fun or eat any “fancy” foods as long as there are starving people out there. Gruel for everyone!

  • CN

    I find it so fascinating people’s need to judge others based on what they think they know about another person’s life… and I say this as a former person who used to judge others a lot more based on what I really had no idea about: people are most likely to criticize another depending on what triggers them the most in their own lives and this website is no exception… a successful blogger who is brave enough to share her life with readers who have the privilege to anonymously take part by reading/commenting sets herself up for harsh judgement but I for one, as a long time reader/rare commenter, would like to thank Heather for putting herself on the line for the better good…. I KNOW that she has helped and influenced a lot of people, me being one of them… I am currently having my own experience with increased mental clarity in the form of having twin girls this past summer, I have two older boys as well and, while I certainly have my moments of self doubt, there’s nothing like a life situation of any kind to kinda force you to push your own limits, make you realize what you can accomplish if you choose to, and help you decipher amongst the important things going on in your own thoughts and the “noise” that Heather speaks of… it is life changing, you better believe it, and you can only do your best and be as kind as you can along the way… thanks for writing girl, we love it :)

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  • Hannah M

    I did the same cleanse (fast, juice diet, intolerable, almost inhumane misery… tomato tomahto) thing a few months ago. I realized my timing could have been better as I sat at the dinner table holding my nose forcing green sludge down one gulp at a time, praying I would just go ahead and die of a heart attack and be put out of my misery, while my family inhaled my daughter’s birthday cake. I could have totally tolerated it if the drinks didn’t taste like butt hole, and if I had something to chew. Like you said, I missed the good ole fashioned feeling of chewing. I would dream about it. Good times.