• Kiwifruit

    Aw, I think I love Gigi.

  • LearnNoBurn

    Gawd that was tooo freekin cute. Thanks.

  • http://www.cristinarobinson.net/ Cristina Robinson

    This is the most adorable thing I have read today!

  • MazMonroe

    Gorgeous! I love her hat, and also her name.

    (PS Those white flowers you were speaking about, in the UK they are snowdrops.)

  • kmpinkel

    I want a Gigi of my own!!! righteous kid!

  • KC

    Oh that Gigi! Too funny :-)

    Have you watched that movie called, Enough Said? It stars Julia Louis-Drefus and James Gandolfini, and is a very good movie. Julia’s character has a daughter getting ready to leave for college. The daughters friend always wants to hang out with the daughters mom (Julia). Gigi’s phone call to you reminded me of that movie for some reason.

    Brian Williams is awesome. Did you know that he has a daughter that is in that show called Girls? I saw her on Letterman one evening, very cool girl!

  • http://www.twitter.com/lovesmoose Carla

    Are your kids only allowed to have friends that look like them?

  • Meg

    Brian Williams is a very nice man in real life, by the way. But Gigi is THE BEST EVER! (Seriously.)

    Also, I really don’t understand why extroverts insist that Going Out is always the solution to every problem. No, really, I genuinely prefer curling up with the dog on the couch with a book or my knitting and a tv episode.

  • David

    We got the same call. Same with her Uncle Sol, and probably everyone in the family. But we all know about Gigi and the interesting, wonderful world she has spun in her first 9 years. We just feel privileged to be a part of it….and watch it unfold, blossom….become.

  • KristenfromMA

    Gigi will no doubt run things at some point in the future. Like a BOSS.

    why would I leave my house where there is a bed in which I can lie down and go to sleep?

    This is me, and I don’t have any kids. ;)

  • http://k-fabcrew.blogspot.com/ Kathee

    How adorable is that?!! I love her and I haven’t met her.
    I don’t do anything in the evenings either. If I’m not working or running then I’m fraternizing with my bed. It’s a relationship I can maintain.

  • Lauren3

    This post is delightful and everything, but HEATHER, I need to know what filter you’ve been using. The reading rainbow photo… it’s gorgeous. How you doin this?

  • Guest

    That child sounds like an absolute delight. I love kids with chutzpah!

  • Dana B.

    That child sounds like an absolute delight. I love kids with chutzpah!

  • tmb

    love this. And Brian Williams *swoon*

  • Short and Feisty

    Extrovert, here, who genuinely loves Netflix marathons, knitting, and wine.

    We don’t like to party ALL the time.

  • Heather Armstrong

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