• b.fez

    Two words: XM Radio.

  • housepea

    XM is just as bad about talking over the music. I don’t understand why they have to talk RIGHT UP until the singer starts singing. As far as I’m concerned, the song starts when the music starts, and they need to zip it. But I agree, at least there aren’t as many commercials.

  • Katie

    So hilarious! I’m gonna Puma pants! (So wish I could take credit for that :) )

  • Laura

    When I was a kid, the big fight between my sister and me was who got to ride shotgun. We would fight over it every day relentlessly. My genius mother came up with a system where we picked odd and even days, so one of us always got the front seat if the date was an odd number, and the other always got the front seat if the date was an even number. She had us pick whether we were odds and evens and I was the youngest so I wasn’t smart enough (yet!) to realize that there were more odd dates than evens, so my sister got evens. I also wasn’t smart enough to complain though, and the fighting over the front seat immediately stopped.

  • watercat

    My mother did something similar, except there were 3 of us, so she would just assign us a “day” that rotated through the calendar. On our “day” we got to ride shotgun, pick the radio station, and had to wipe the table, stove, and counters after every meal.

  • dc

    “Hitting the post.” ahhh fond memories.

  • Audrey

    For the first few months this song was out I thought it was “I got the move black jaga”. Yes, I thought the song was about that mythical black jaguar and its’ amazing dance moves…

  • Heather Armstrong

    Your mom is awesome.

  • Jo D

    I thought the song was “I’ve got the moves, Mick Jagger” as if it’s being sung to Mick

  • Harboredinca

    I also have two daughters and no control of anything anymore. I cannot stand whining, so, I worked out a lop sided chore chart. They alternate every other week doing the most or the most difficult chore. During that week they are designated “special helper”, table setter, paper towel fetcher, dog walker, grocery bagger etc….While in status as ” special helper” you get to sit where you want, listen to the station you want, pick what television station to watch, who showers first etc. It has eliminated my need to nap in the oven.

  • Julieme Wood

    Looooooooooooooooooooove this post!!!!

  • Julieme Wood

    Day dreaming of taking a nap in the oven is exactly the way I would like to express my feelings. I just can’t make the connection from brain to mouth as well as you. Nice one!