• Anu

    In 2005, a cute little baby in a NY Times article ‘Mommy (and me)’ caught my attention and introduced me to your blog. For the past 9 years, I’ve been following stories of her life including her struggle to walk and her therapy and everything else in between. To see Leta run and play ball for three hours straight and enjoy every bit of it is beyond amazing, it is pure inspiration.

  • bambooska

    I, too, remember those first few months and years of her life. And it’s shocking that I also remember that last day of your trip when she touched her toes on the sand beach, lol. I am so proud of her and your work as a mama. You’re both great human beings. Congratulations. This is incredibly huge. Fast forward 10 years!

  • Bradley

    I feel silly, but this post made me emotional for you. Way to go Leta!

  • Jen

    I had to laugh at the pic where she looks like she’s about the catch the ball. The first rule of soccer – NO HANDS! They won’t even let the girls pick the ball up to bring them to the sidelines for water breaks on my daughters team. But seriously, I think this is a wonderful post. As a mom, I’m very proud of her for getting out there and doing something so outside of her box!

  • Angela

    I remember the posts from when she was a baby/toddler and I this post made my heart SO happy! Well done, mom and WAY TO GO, LETA!!! What an amazing opportunity.