• Anne

    What a beautiful, wild, wonderful child Marlo is, and how lucky she is to have you!

  • Eilis Wagner Byrnes

    I hope your pumpkin feels better soon.

  • susanfishy

    Now I know where Junie B Jones is living. At your house. Hope she feels better soon.

  • Beth

    My feverish daughter woke up with a start last week and shouted, “What’s a lean-to?!”

  • Desiree Johnson

    Hope she’s better soon! My daughter has been sick a lot this fall too… she’s usually the healthy one.

  • Suzanne Marie Heitmuller

    Welcome to kindergarten – the year when your kid builds their immune system by catching every nasty illness that comes down the freaking pike! My son lasted 2 days in kindergarten before he came home with strep. It does get better (but sucks in the meantime; my sympathies). I swear our children are related somehow. My son went to the doctor and told him he was feeling “Lethargic and unlike himself.” He was 5. Yep, 5. Scares the crap out of me when he is quiet and still as well! Hang in there!

  • Beth Rich

    My Stepdad, a general practitioner for many years, once told me “there are over 5,000 viruses known to affect the human body. Congratulations, you just survived one more.” Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

  • Danielle S

    One night in the middle of a sinus infection I had finally drifted off to sleep after heavy rounds of carefully mixed Sudafed and Nyquil. I apparently sneezed very dramatically and very loud and very unlike me, so my husband awoke and asked if I was alright. He says that with a smile on my face I responded, “I’m fine. I’m just exploding.”

    I have no recollection of any of this.

  • http://oddlovescompany.com/blog/ Katybeth

    Poor Marla. I hope she is arguing with enthusiasm soon. I would be happy to send your pups antlers from New Mexico anytime (in fact, I did once, and you sent a lovely thank you post card) Reindeer are NEVER hurt in the process collecting antlers. I did have someone ask me yesterday if they smelled like reindeer – of-course they do.

  • Desirre Hidalgo

    Poor Marlo! but even sick she is the cutest!