• lauriewrites

    You are such a good writer. It’s been a really long time reading you and it never gets old for me.

  • Leigh

    One of my favorite memories in life is receiving a care package from my grandfather every summer while I was at church camp. He sent those butter cookies shaped like a flower with a hole in the middle–I’m not even sure they make them anymore–and they were the purest expression of love I can imagine. :) Hope Leta is having a blast and talks your ear off for weeks about all her camp adventures.

  • REK981

    Kudos to you and the father of your children and Leta for going to camp. Not my thing at all. I wonder if my daughter would be interestedin sleep away camp. I should ask her. She is the same age as Leta but since it’s not my thing the thought never occurred to me to see if she would be interested. Hang in there. She will be home before you know it and then it will time for school!! The nice thing about school is the routine!!

  • Susandyce

    Most of my childhood camp experiences were church related, too. I can still sing the GA (Girls in Action) song. “I’m a G-A. My hair is seaweed. And my ears are made of leather, and they flop in rainy weather…” Here’s hoping you both survive. Until I read this post, I never even considered that my parents might have had a hard time with me going to camp. Maybe they didn’t! Ha!

  • http://www.parenthacks.com/ Asha Dornfest

    So my son went to a “no contact/no pictures” camp for the first time last summer, and again this summer (for a month), and I can tell you…the feeling of loss was like a punch to the sternum both times. I was and am still shocked by the grief-like feelings that came with not being able to see or communicate with my kid. Also, how sweet that your “dear Leta” letters go directly to Leta on paper now.

  • bluesurly

    I have many fond memories of Girl Scout sleep away camp from my childhood in NJ. I’m glad Leta is getting to experience that NJ really does still have wilderness! And hopefully she will learn lots of irritating camp songs to share with you and her sister until you can’t stand it any more :)

  • Marie McDowell

    Salerno Butter Cookies – and YES they still make them. They are best dunked in milk! Thanks for the memory!

  • Leigh

    Yay! BRB, going to the store for cookies . . .

  • Joy

    Is this a girls camp only? I live in NJ and my son needs this! I need this! Glad she’s having fun.

  • Linda Kelley

    I miss the blog. Fun to read your writing again. Leta and Marlo are such lucky girls.

  • KathyB

    Three weeks that will be eternity for you and gone in a flash for Leta. But, it is not her first absence from you this summer and it must be like compounding interest. I have a flicker of memory about those math exercises. I truly am sorry that digital age children will not know the wonder of a slide rule.

    These absences help prepare you for the grown and gone aches. College and beyond. Filled our hearts yesterday, visit with my own daughter (about your age). She lives ninety miles up the road but visits get spaced out too far. We like emojiis. I still give her sticker booklets sometimes. Now that she is a nurse in a newborn ICU she has wonderful things in the supply drawer called wubbanubs for holding pacifiers for the tinies. Always makes her smile.

  • Cassandra Marie

    Yep, it just takes one sentence like the very last one, and I smile and think…that’s the reason I’ve clicked Dooce in my favorites for 9 years. :)