• Marie McDowell

    I’m sorry the writing makes you feel sick, but I want you to know how very happy it makes me when there is a new post from you! I miss you and enjoy every post like it is the last potato chip!!

  • KimFunk

    Good one! I think about Coco a lot while watching my two dogs be nutz with each other. I figure I’ll have to take an extended leave of absence when Sonic heads to that rainbow bridge thing to help Spooky survive the loss.

    It was good to hear from you today.

  • americanrecluse

    Yay! A Dane post! I was just wondering about him the other day.

  • onthegomom

    OMG… Dane looks so grown up in this picture! So good to hear he’s doing so well. <3

  • Laura Bennett

    I’ve been having a bit of a rough time emotionally (nothing like major depression or anxiety this time, thankfully), and I remembered your warnings about September. Thanks for everything you share

  • Bee Butler

    If it makes you feel any better, your writing is one of the things that gets me through this time of year. Damn the fucking equinox. My skin is crawling and all I want to do is sleep and cry. I’m so sorry for every pang in your heart because your sweet puppy is gone. I promise, it gets better. I lost mine after 13 years, and I’m slowly starting to heal.

  • http://www.edenriley.com/ edenland

    When you wrote “unknowing Coco denier” I thought it was “unknowing cock denier” and I thought there’s some good mummyblogging shit right there.

    Sending chips. Just keep the fuck writing would you everything got boring.

  • http://www.woogsworld.com/ Mrs Woog

    Write when you feel like it and EAT ALL THE CHIPS xx

  • Sandy

    Wait, what?

  • KathyB

    Fall equinox hit me with the happy stick yesterday. Seriously jazzed and nearly manic. Don’t know when that has ever happened before. I’ll take it and be thankful.

    Thank you for the post. Coco likes being the center of attention even though grieving for Chuck. And Dane, in for such a wonderful experience in Australia.

  • http://www.styleonv.com StyleOnV

    I may have only read your blog a few times. I have also recently read a few articles on you quitting and all I can say is do not stop and keep going with what you love without losing yourself.
    Hugs V x

  • Raymi Lauren

    chill out babe. do art. you got this. #lifers.

  • Raymi Lauren

    i cant believe i havent been reading you for longer consistently. so many passages here i am digging on.