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Looking upward and ahead

On the desire I have to get back to why I started “living online” in the first place: writing for the love of it, writing when the story inside is begging to be told.

Stuff On Chuck

“When I tried to write happy / Yo I knew I lied, I lived a life of crime / Why play ya blind?”

Style for your butt

The hare sat in the chair over there by the pear.

Six more weeks it is

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, which means y’all gotta take that motherfucker seriously.

These furry children of ours

Let me tell you a story about a dog named Chuck.

Running, diet, and the joy found therein

“I know that I belong to a small, eclectic community of men and women where status is calibrated precisely as a function of one’s ability to endure.”

April 2015

To commemorate that very hot Sunday morning run

“Running under the watchful eye of Kilimanjaro” and bonking at mile 9.

Totes jealous

When he heard this news he took a huge shit right next to my bedroom door.

Balboa Beach

To gluten or not to gluten while eating on a pier at the beach.