• LoLoWyo

    I’m in training too! In Wyoming! Sure is fun to do in the wintertime in the Rockies, right? We’re GENIUSES, DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT.

    I’m planning on running a half each month from May – August, and then going for my first full in September. We’ll see how that goes…

    Good on you, and good luck!

  • Sheri G.

    I live around the corner from MAB and hosted one of their runners last year before the Boston Marathon. I walked over to Beacon street in the rain with his kids and my kids and we cheered him on, and it was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen. You are going to have 26.2 miles of awesomeness (and probably pain, but shhh). What an amazing thing to do, and you’ll rock it. If you need someone to yell “YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!!” at mile 24.5, I’m your woman. Enjoy your training and see you in April!

  • Debs Zeesp

    Wow! You are a massive inspiration. Good luck and I hope mile 10 seems a lot easier this time!!!

  • jA

    i was starting to twitch, but it turned out i didn’t need to. i brace myself a lot when reading able-bodied people mentioning disability because there’s a lot of excruciating but well-meaning ignorance that’s incredibly common and really insulting.

    learn lots about ablism from this athlete and this foundation and tell your readers about it please? because able-bodied people are clueless about disability issues and it gets my fucking heckles WAY UP. (i was just making an I AM AN INSPIRATION joke to a friend, because i’m so excellent at making an idiot of myself just like a healthy person, despite my severe disability!)

  • AuntHo

    Heather, you are going to LOVE THIS EXPERIENCE. It’s the best time in Boston!

    If you don’t have lodging yet, we live 2 blocks from the finish line and have plenty of space to spare — we usually have a couple of runners every year (love it!), but this year no reservations yet.

    Would absolutely love to host you and Simon or anyone who needs lodging sponsored. Ping me at aunth067 at gmail if I can help. Good luck and will be cheering you both on!

  • MIO

    MABVI has done amazing things for my husband who is legally blind. Camps, books on tape (back in the day), teaching him to read Braille. His sight is still pretty good, but someday, it won’t be. He has been trying to get a qualifying time for Boston for a few years. He has thought a lot about being a guide runner, but worries about slowing his person down instead of helping them. Please tell us all about the process, so that maybe next year he will feel like he can do it.

    Patriot’s Day in Boston is amazing! The energy at the race in different than any other race and will carry you through things like Heartbreak Hill. We live 20 minutes from the starting line. Maybe, just maybe, I will bring my 3 kids to cheer for Simon and for you!

    Also, for good vegan food, check out the Garden Grille in RI!

  • Smeebe

    Never heard of this but LOVE it! Really inspiring!

  • Ankita Narayan

    I’d never heard of something this spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to your updates!

  • Sarah Toney

    This is going to be great! One of my dear friends is a blind runner with Team With a Vision and they have amazing support leading up to the race and the day of as well as all year long with their great programs! I think if you’re going to do Boston this is the PERFECT way to do it!

    I’m sure we’ll see you in April when the festivities begin!

  • Miss lee

    This – almost – sounds like fun and I get why you want to do it. Best of luck!

    Miss lee

  • Andrea

    I just want to know where you got that peg doll in the first photo of your last post, but the comments there are closed. Please and thank you.

  • Lauren3

    Dude this was a pleasure to read, both for the style and the content. So fun to see you kick ass in both composition and life.

    ^And that was as serious as your butt.


  • Runninggirl

    Given you’ve never had a smooth marathon or half marathon experience, do you really think it’s wise to do this??? I mean, I get that you’re doing a training programme but I’d be pretty hesitant to volunteer for something where it wasn’t clear I could actually do it and when someone else’s goal is at stake….

  • KristenfromMA

    I second that the crowd will get you through the tough course. People gather along the entire route to cheer the runners on.

  • peg

    That’s the spirit!

  • gracedavis

    Very rewarding. I was an NYC Marathon “runner guide” in 2007 with The Achilles Track Club. now known as Achilles International. I don’t know what the rules are for the BM, but I got a finishers medal for the NYC. If this is okay with Boston, snag a medal.

  • KathyB

    Love that you outmanuevered your usual impulses and are seriously training for this marathon, Heather. Sweet. All you had to do was take the emphasis off destroying your body and place it on assisting this other person. Good job. Excellent job. So very proud of and for you.

  • Heather Armstrong
  • Runninggirl

    I stand corrected on the half marathon front! (nonetheless, I personally wouldn’t run as a guide if I couldn’t point to proof for the runner that I’d be able to perform on the day as required)

  • Ro

    My 7 month old nephew was diagnosed as being blind recently. Reading things like this make me think everything will be ok. Thank you. Well done. x

  • Andrea Croak

    If anyone would like to cheer for Heather and Team With A Vision, we will be at the corner of Beacon St and Amory St! It’s our Team With A Vision cheer spot, roughly mile 24.5!

  • David Brown

    We could not be more jazzed to have you run, write, inspire, run some more , perspire, run a bit more, write, write , write, run guide guide guide, laugh, cry and cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon as a member of Team with A Vision supporting the Massachusetts Association for the blind and Visually Impaired.