• http://bushra.io/ bushra

    just your average school run again then? <3

  • Jennifer Cafferty-Davis

    OMG this story!! People in my life don’t seem to acknowledge these types of stories in MY life as truth until I conclude with “I seriously cannot make this shit up, you guys.” I hope you are able to look back on it and laugh! ;)

  • Deborah Cruz

    Dear Jesus, I just remembered why I love the shit out of you. You just made me make a complete asshole out of myself laugh crying at ballet. Fucking ballet, with all the anorexic, stiff upper lipped girls and whackadoo moms ( yes, I am one of them but I’m obviously not whackadoo as I just wiped cry/laugh snot on my own pants in solidarity with you my sister ;) Thank God you are home and safe and sort of sound. Get some damn sleep. Thanks for the laughing off of my ass…I needed to lose some weight anyways.

  • http://mamaintranslation.blogspot.com/ L – Mama(e) in Translation

    WHOA!!! Was that on the same trip where the uber driver was taking you somewhere much farther from the right location? If on the same trip, was this before that or after that? Oh, the things that happen to poor you! :-( I dimly recall you had previously mentioned something about this taxi driver? A tweet? Or am I getting mixed up with the Uber driver story? I’d be so relieved if you could clarify just a tiny bit? ;-) Dazed and confused (after reading the post)

  • Marcos Fabricius Moreno

    Hahaha.. nice one!

  • MallyMon

    Can I please be allowed to apologise on behalf of Brisbane? I emigrated to and lived there for two years and my dual-nationality daughter was born there – so I feel fiercely protective and proud of the place. However, your experiences are so extreme and so unlike anything I’ve ever heard of before, I feel prompted to apologise most profusely for any distress caused by Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It’s a lovely subtropical city, full of flying bush cockies (aka cockroaches), gigantic red biting ants and cane toads that’ll kill ya soon as lookatchya if you put one foot anywhere near them (plus a few mosquitoes). But I have a deep abiding love for the place (see earlier comment re: daughter) and feel somehow responsible for any distress ever caused to anyone who goes there. I hope you will forgive us. (Even though I now live 10k miles away, safely ensconceed in England.) I hope you weren’t injured! (Driving whilst jetlagged??!) Sorry.