• jdbizz

    if i don’t see a picture of your naturally curly bangs in the next 24 hours i’m gonna be hella pissed.

  • kmpinkel

    Righteous on all accounts. I am not a runner by design, but I just downloaded a couch to 5k, then promptly severely sprained my ankle. Run on for the gimpy chubby ones! And yes, I am trying to envision those bangs, but all I can see is Whitney Houston in “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”.

  • aubreysabala

    My google search the other night: “Training for a half marathon and gaining weight in the midsection”. Basically, burning nearly 1000 EXTRA calories a day somehow gave me the most muffiny of muffin tops. Rocking flowy shirts in solidarity!

  • Lyn Never

    Fingers swollen like overstuffed sausages, yes. I’m the crazy person shuffling along with my hands over my head trying to stop my hands from exploding.

  • KristenfromMA

    It’s Stay Puft. Jeez.

  • jacutrone

    I LOVE Brooks running shoes! Only ones I use. Same deal- never had a single issue with them, on my third pair. Good luck with training!

  • misszoot

    I put on 6lbs when I stepped on the scale the day after my 100K. I kept that 6lbs for almost a week. My husband ALWAYS gets mad at me for taking post-long run weight gain personally. “IT IS JUST CORTISOL! YOUR BODY IS HEALING! LEAVE IT ALONE!” Yet still, always on the scale and always bummed by the post-race/run bloat.

  • Elizabeth

    The exact same thing (weight gain, bloating) happens to me after every single big hike I do. Interesting to hear that it might be cortisol.

  • Michelle San Antonio

    Make sure you’re hydrating enough – before, during, and after your long runs. Also – I’ve trained for and run 6 full marathons, and am training for the 7th now (Boston!), and every single marathon training cycle, I end up gaining at least a few pounds. I’m convinced that it’s my body’s reaction to the extreme physical stress I’m putting it through.

  • Debra

    Sign up thingy is not working, FYI. Tried several times. Tried different em addresses.

  • deb

    yeah finally worked!

  • Stools

    Me too. They get all blotchy so I have my arms up and clench and un-clench my fists trying to get the swelling to move on. Super fun. I took a picture of it once and sent it to a few friends who were quite worried, lol.

  • Jodi

    Who is Judy?

  • Heidi Corcoran

    I just finished my first half marathon!! My hands swell also; it started happening to me during training and only at around mile 9. I was told that it could have to do with being too hydrated but mine goes away within an hour.

  • Maria Grace

    I’m probably going out on a limb here, but… can your bloating come from carb-loading? I don’t know if you carb-load before long runs or not (pasta?), but I know that a lot of people do, and carbs take a lot of water to deal with. (It’s like… when people go on LCHF diets then they often lose several kilos within a week, but mostly that weight loss is simply the loss of water from the body because eating less carbs means needing less water in the body.) And so just wondering: if you carb-load, too, then can your body be bloating from the double-whammy of having the carbs and then having the stress of a long?

  • Maria Grace

    Sorry, that end was meant to be: having the stress of a long run?

  • Erin Gill

    Running is so crazy! Is it really that great?

  • mel

    happens to me after every kind of excercise….
    and i couldn’t agree more about bangs. did that mistake twice (why?!).. immediately gremlin-like raeaction when in contact with moist: me looking like a labradoodle

  • yoheathero

    Brooks running shoes changed my life. I was in so much pain I thought I had a stress fracture in my calf. Then I bought these shoes (well, last season’s version) and — poof!– pain was gone. It was a miracle.

  • AlexK

    Electrolytes are your friend. Gatorade is pretty gross but if you’re running that far, your body needs to replenish salts. If it’s not getting enough, it holds onto whatever it can and you bloat up. Look into Nunn tabs, they are my running savior.

  • http://www.moosenotes.com Carla DeLauder

    1) I cut my bangs stupidly short and crooked the night before school pictures when I was a kid. Growing them out was almost as horrible as having to wait two years to get my braces off.

    2) It’s about time those dumb shoe companies make a woman’s running shoe that isn’t day glow pink and fuchsia and purple. This is a shoe I can get behind. Question: With all the running you do, do you find you go through shoes more quickly? How long does a typical pair last?

    3) You’re wasting space in that huge signup box. At least tell us what it’s for in the massive whitespace below the submit button or say something enlightening. And the ‘No thanks’ link to make it go away is almost impossible to find.

    I’ll never cook brussels sprouts again. It turns out nothing can make them taste good.

    ETA: Forgot to mention … the swelling thing happens to me, too. My wrists and fingers feel like balloons, my feet and ankles, too. Any kind of running or hiking does this to me.

  • Heather Armstrong

    I don’t carb load, no. I’m beginning to think it’s the cortisol plus an imbalance in my electrolytes. Plus, I’m not used to having muscle like this. And that’s not to brag, just whoa. My thighs and hamstrings are bigger than they’ve ever been.

  • Sara Cress

    I lost 10 pounds in a month of rest after spending five months training for a half-marathon. This is a real thing. Not saying I’m never going to run again, but I’m not sure it was the best thing for me.

  • Runa Anderson

    hmmmm ….

  • ag4square

    Check out The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas. She talks a lot about exercise and inflammation. Over exercising in particular. Sounds like that is what’s happening to you. You might like it but your body is not a fan apparently.

  • REK981

    Shoes for exercise should never go beyond about 400 miles when used for training. As far as I know those who routinely run marathons and the like usually go through a pair for each event. I hope this helps.

  • REK981

    I just turned 35 and my thick, wavy hair has thinned out and gone more curly in the last 5 years. No way in hell am I ever cutting bangs (last time I had them was in the 90′s). If someone ever suggests it I may throat punch them. I am not a runner and never will be but I love to walk and Brooks are the BEST! I have heard of a great many who move between years of eating paleo and then vegan and then back again. I am interested to see how your reaction over the next few years to being vegan. I don’t digest plant proteins very well so I am paleo to keep my protein intake up. I signed up for the newsletter. Happy Spring!! We made it through!

  • Buster Brown

    Ahem, a pic of the curly bangs please! :)