• Josey

    Man oh man. I’m training for my first ever half marathon right now (I’ve never run more than a mile or two in my life before), and I’m only up to the 4-5 mile mark right now, and already I’m questioning wholeheartedly what the fuck I’m doing. So far I’m still trying to focus on the “ME” time I get out of it, but yeah… it’s also a time suck in the limited time in my day, and very solitary, and… yeah. Like you said, we can move mountains every day though, so I’m going to see this through and probably never do it again and be totally fine with that. ;-) I’m proud of you for sticking with it and getting this done for the reasons you did though. #fistbump #hahaha

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  • Debra

    holy crap. That’s all. Holy crap.

  • Morgan

    Thank you for this. I am sitting here, trying to settle down after a long day of taking care of my fourteen month old, battling the dissatisfaction I feel with not having my career anymore, feeling guilty that I even feel dissatisfied. It feels lonely and even somewhat painful most days (and even more painful that I think this when it’s taking care of my son), but you’re right: you just do it.

  • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

    The crawling in the dead horse part almost put me over the edge.

    And I’ve had these feelings you speak of, especially lately while going through divorce. It’s fucking hard. But we do it because of what you said, we move mountains. And some day our kids will know it too.

  • Emily

    Thank you. Thank you. Just thank you.

  • Kirsten

    thank you… I spend my nights on a treadmill of sleeplessness with an 11 month old…and somewhere in the night I think, I won’t be able to get my 12 year old to school or make lunches or drive. my husband leaves at 4:30/5 am and home around 7 pm, so I basically do it all alone, and it is lonely. And scary. Wondering how you will get up, and then I find myself driving to school again, and think I made it again! So, thank you.

  • Taste of France

    The movie for you would have been “Boyhood,” which lost best picture last year to another annoying, pompous Inarritu film, “Birdman.”

  • Beth

    It IS hard but you will be so proud when you finish the race but especially the training. It will change you.

  • Serenity Bohon

    I love the arts. You hated that movie, but it unblocked you and motivated this. Art stirs us, and I love that. I was thrilled that Spotlight won best pic instead of Revenant. A best picture should be something more than “he ate the liver.”

  • Josey

    Thanks for the encouragement. :) I’m running this race with 3 other women who I met through blogging years ago, and we are flying in from all over the country to do this together. It will be awesome.

  • REK981

    Boyhood was SO GOOD!!!

  • Marie McDowell

    Yeah, like you, I’m a single mom. GO RENT BOYHOOD. My kids are in their 20′s now, but good lord, that movie was my life. SEE IT PLEASE! Then write about it – because I love your writing so damn much.

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  • Erin Reece

    This made me laugh so hard because I did the SAME EXACT THING with that godawful movie. Half an hour in I was like “I hate this”, but I decided to keep going because I was half an hour in. What a terrible movie. TERRIBLE. MOVIE. TERRRRRIBBBBLE. Anyway, congratulations on completing the Boston marathon! That is an amazing feat and I look forward to hearing about your experience running with Simon!

  • Tami in NY

    I miss you. Always spot on!!

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    What an awesome experience it must be to set a goal, push so hard on the follow through it leaves you totally drained and spent, and now you’ve done it and it’s behind you.

    I don’t think I’ll ever know what that feeling is like, even with simple stuff.

  • Saba

    Thank you <3