Her direwolf

April 22, 2014  Daily Photo

a girl and her dog

Not as big as the ones you'll find in books written by paleontologists, but her bark makes up for all of that.

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snuggle screen time

Snuggle screen time

April 22, 2014  Daily Photo

Daughter, sister and long-suffering teacher.

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the battle continues

And, lo, the battle continues

April 21, 2014  Daily Chuck

A portrait of the artist that is so misleading you wouldn’t forgive him either if you knew the truth.

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A quick game of let’s give mom a heart attack

April 21, 2014  Daily Photo

It’s like trying to keep track of tiny glass slippers and NO WONDER Cinderella’s stepmom was so uptight.

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i put my paw up on my hip

I put my paw up on this step

April 18, 2014  Daily Chuck

I step, you step, we step.

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pool party

A pool party without the weather or the pool

April 18, 2014  Daily Photo

I’m glad that the exercise ball I bought for my bad back is being used as it was originally intended.

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salad for lunch

Salad for lunch

April 17, 2014  Daily Chuck

Just one of at least a dozen servings of vegetables he should be eating a day, right?

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