Well, what do you know

December 17, 2014  Daily Photo

sick again

This season of illness is so not fucking around.

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Things to consider if you really are considering adopting a dog

December 16, 2014  Daily

Just because she can’t balance anything on her head doesn’t mean she’s completely useless.

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dame eleanor


December 16, 2014  Daily Chuck

I’m starting to change my mind about warning you to avoid adopting a herding dog.

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holidays for the kids 2014

Holiday for the Kids, 2014

December 15, 2014  Daily Style

If anyone gifts my 5-yr-old an object that makes or plays music, I will personally see to it that Santa takes a giant shit in their stocking.

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no skating for Marlo

Life lessons

December 15, 2014  Daily Photo

Of course it snowed the morning that Marlo started feeling better. You could say that’s just her luck, but I will say IT’S JUST UTAH.

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infinity scarf

James Dean daydream look in his eye

December 15, 2014  Daily Chuck

It’s only because of his age that I am not making him model entire outfits.

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bishops lodge

Around the lodge

December 12, 2014  Daily Photo

The tiny corner of the high desert that I managed to see during daylight.

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