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Matters of the eyes, part aw hell no

You might as well just insert a picture of Kanye’s face here to sum up this section of the story of my daughter’s eyesight.

On Chuck, his health, and those who care so deeply about it

A post for pet lovers and everyone who has loved Chuck from afar.

New Tunes

Hello, again, music: Tanlines, Young Fathers, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Of Monsters and Men.

Who run this mother?

This goes out to all my girls that’s in the club rocking the latest.

Looking upward and ahead

On the desire I have to get back to why I started “living online” in the first place: writing for the love of it, writing when the story inside is begging to be told.

These furry children of ours

Let me tell you a story about a dog named Chuck.

Running, diet, and the joy found therein

“I know that I belong to a small, eclectic community of men and women where status is calibrated precisely as a function of one’s ability to endure.”

Spring Break 2015

“California here we come, right back where we started from. Pedal to the floor. Thinkin’ of the roar.”

A baby African antelope

I actually did try to figure out how to get this one on my plane home.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.