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That time of the month when I strangle my dog

Just a heads up that this could potentially be one of those posts where you’re going to want to finish…

After school special

Here’s one of those things they neglect to tell you when you take your baby home from the hospital…

Stuff I found while looking around

Environnement wildlife photographer of the year, awesome people hanging out together and more.

Strike a pose

So it turns out I’m not a pink tights/black tutu kind of person.

Four women and a Madonna concert

Back in January? February? A long, long time ago. We’ll just go with that. In a galaxy far away.

Pet cemetery

Yesterday morning Marlo was desperate to play outside, so I told her she could head to the garage…

New Tunes – Beth Orton

In 1997 I got to sit down and interview Beth Orton, an English folk singer-songwriter, for a local music magazine in Utah.

Now I HAVE to call her dude

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago I was inside the house helping Leta practice the piano, something that is nearly impossible to do if Marlo is not otherwise entertained. Because whatever Leta is doing, Marlo wants to be doing it, too. She’s a total …

Water dog

Leta loved the watercolor pencils that Leah brought up from San Diego, and in addition…

Happy homemakers

My old friend Leah Peterson flew up from San Diego on Friday to spend a lazy weekend with me…