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Stuff I found while looking around

Highlights: Gorgeous portfolio, goats on things, bikinis meet their match: Matches between bathing suits and books.

Heavy rotation

Several months ago I swore off any talk radio, including NPR, during the election season because…


Of all the illegal things I have done in my life (please take me seriously and tell my mom), acid isn’t one of them.

New Tunes – Twin Shadow

I think I’m breaking a rule here by featuring a musician I’ve already written about once, but screw it.

On the nightshift

The map of my day in Los Angeles last Thursday resembled one of Marlo’s attempts to draw a portrait, all zigzag lines and random half circles and a giant smudge where an ear might have been: West Hollywood, Universal City, Sherman Oaks, Bel Air, Los Fe…

Stuff I found while looking around

- The Epic and The Beasts: When we were kids we never dreamt of being a firemen, a pilot or superhero. We always wanted to be skateboarders, jumping up curbs, down the stairs and filp our boards as many times as we could. – Man in goat suit seen living among goats in Utah mountains. [...]

Those Hollywood nights

Yesterday afternoon I flew to Los Angeles because I’m going to be on “The Talk” this morning.

New Tunes – Bowerbirds

These guys are a folk/indie band form Raleigh, North Carolina, and the song I’m featuring is relatively new. It’s off of their 2009 album Upper Air, so three years old? You pass a certain age and three years is like, what? Yesterday? Pshaw. There is mi…

You say potato

For lunch today I threw a sweet potato into the oven, and as I was letting it cool down Marlo walked up to my seat and flashed me the dimple on her left cheek. Had she asked right then I would have totally bought her a pony. Screw that. An island. I would have bought [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

My thoughts go out to everyone in Colorado affected by the horrific events in Aurora last night. You are in my heart and I will hug my children a little longer today to honor your loss. Much love to you. The following is just a bunch of stuff you’re welcome to browse if you’re looking [...]