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She drew first blood

Last week I was pulling into the parking lot at my hair salon when I got a text from my cousin McKenzie: “So Marlo just climbed out of her bed and opened the door… she doesn’t want to take a nap. What should I do?” Hahahaha! Good times! What should you do? Hmmm… let’s see… [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

- Humorous illustrations of animals by Georges le Mercenaire – Def Leppard Played and I Fucking Owned It: It should be noted that the Def Leppard guitar player Phil Collen was shirtless the whole time and so was I and I’m pretty sure he saw me and made a gesture to the singer Joe Elliott [...]

You peed! In a cup!

A few weeks ago I mentioned here that Marlo has started holding her poop (here we go!), and since then things have not progressed as much as I would have liked them to. She isn’t yet approaching me politely and asking, “May I be excused to eliminate my bowels, Master?” So, you know. I have [...]

For P.M.

So this happened this morning: Piggyback ride, naked kid, dog wagging his tail. Good times. (In several years Marlo will find out that I posted this photo on my website and be enraged that I covered up her butt.) I found out a couple of days ago that my best friend from high school is [...]

New Tunes – Perfume Genius

I just checked my music archives because I was sure that I had already featured the work of Perfume Genius here (stage name for a solo artist out of Seattle named Mike Hadreas), and I’m stunned that I haven’t. If ever there were a voice or a sound to give words to the last several [...]

The Apricot Apocalypse

And He shall rain down apricots upon the land. And lo, it shall be a total fucking disaster. That tree! That damn tree! Sorry, I know. Two curse words in a post already, but let me tell you. It’s probably just going to get worse from here. It may get so bad that the whole [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

- Laurance Winram photography. – Ryan Gosling dancing at a Mormon talent show in 1991. I just. I can’t even. Wow. – This right here is performance art. – I can’t apologize enough: This is an ongoing series of small mixed media drawings. Each one is an imagined apology combined with a pencil portrait drawn [...]

That which rivals Disneyland

Today is the first day that it has rained in over a month, and we had plans to head up to the community pool with Carol and her kids. But, you know. Lightning and possible death and similar boring technicalities. Leta normally attends camp during the week, but since yesterday was a holiday I didn’t [...]

Metaphors in Montana

Last night I slept for eight straight hours and when I woke up I immediately ran outside and bench pressed my car while simultaneously arm wrestling a bear. I won. I can see straight! The world isn’t going to end! I mean, at least not today. It will at some point just as the Book [...]

Does this nervous breakdown make me look crazy?

The trip to Wyoming… where do I… hm… it’s just…okay. We are alive. I’ll start there. No one died. Did I want to die? Do I have to answer that question? Can we change the subject? Here’s the thing about my kids and the way I’ve raised them: we like routines. My kids eat at [...]