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Eleven countries, one film, one minute. (via Cameron Moll)


You might have already seen this considering it has almost four million views on YouTube, but there is so much about this that I love, maybe because it’s sort of symbolic of how clueless certain people in Washington are. (Warning: there is a bad word dropped right in the middle, cover your kid’s ears.) (This [...]

The Hunchcat of Notre Dame

It’s Monday. You need this: (via Laughing Squid)

Please tell me this giraffe is not driving home

Let’s briefly interrupt this blog/twitter drama with some drunk animals. (via kottke)

Shampoo prank

“Dude. Where’d you get this shampoo?” Oh, how I laughed at this. And laughed and laughed. (via kottke)

For your weekend

Someone slowed down the footage of this baby laughing. I don’t know whether to laugh with him or crawl under my bed and rock back and forth.

Ultimate dog tease

That sound you hear is me on the floor crying. (via Laughing Squid)

Dutch clock weights

Jon and I are lying in bed on Friday night watching Bill Maher when he mentions that he had recently been bleeped on CBS when he referred to Tea Partiers as Tea Baggers. And he can’t understand why this term is now deemed explicit because not everyone knows what it means, right? And his guest [...]


I’m just sitting here stunned after watching this.

For the math nerds

The high school geek that I was wants to kiss this on the mouth (no tongue, otherwise I’d have to see my bishop).