September 11th, 2009 Comments Off

Call me a troll (as I know you will,) but I find it pretty hilarious that you and Jon would think even for a second that Peter Frampton might follow you on Twitter or even know who you are. HOW BIG IS YOUR FUCKING EGO?! Of course, I’m sure his publicist alerted him to your online existence only AFTER you smattered his name all over Twitter.

Please note: I also find it extremely selfish and and rude (par for the course, I’m afraid) that you would impose your immature little “dare” on someone else just so you could get some free fucking t-shirts. If you have $1300 to spend on a fucking washing machine, surely you can afford to buy your own god damn t-shirts.

Believe it or not, SOME people in this world are famous for LEGITIMATE reasons, such as owning a modicum of talent. They spend enough time combating boorish hicks such as yourselves and just because you’ve been on Oprah DOESN’T MAKE YOU MORE IMPORTANT.

This was your friendly ego-check brought to you by concerned citizens for a Dooce-free America.

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