Your writing has increasingly become preoccupied with clothes, prints, furniture, accessories – it seems to me to be increasingly pretentious

go fuck yourself mormon bitch.

somehow — like every old authentic thing in the world –
you have been corrupted.

i too suffered tremendously after the birth of my first child — the pills, the therapy, all of it.
a friend said your blog reminded her of me — the sarcasm, brutal honesty, it was a great help to me for a few years.

but now you are just like reading “Star Tracks” in People Magazine.

you are just as enthralled with yourself as Angelina – saving the world, word-by-word, appearance by appearance.

it is sad, really.

it has all turned so sex-in-the-city self-indulgent – the style, the dogs, the 52-months of motherhood, the Today show, the book –
and really – there is so much more to be learned in the world — other than the musings of an elitist, privileged, self-repressed, eternally depressed Mom from utah –
you used to be real — a gritty, grainy girl with the world listening –

oh well — I’m tuning out — it took me awhile to decide this — but the last few months have been too much.

get on with it — go help starving people in Sudan — or those wretched neighbors who marry off their teens to adult ‘prophets’ -

for godsakes do something to save your authentic self — which used to be what we longed to hear –

losing your audience –

Did you mention this precious child on The Bonnie Hunt show? hmm….

“asshead in the building” came in over the loudspeaker when you walked in

Now go pop pills and have your assistant and creepy houseboy (i mean husband) make fake comments to this post…