What a faggot. Seriously? Who DOES this? The Armstrongs could make a video of themselves picking their noses and feeding it to the dogs and you people would think it was hilarious/adorable/sexy/awesome/fun. Grow up, assholes.

Okay, I tried. I watched the air guitar video again and really, come on people! This is just not even remotely funny. Okay, MAYBE if my husband did that I would get a chuckle out of him reliving his youth and being a goof, but honestly, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING about that video warrants the comments of you losers that follow Dooce! Come on. There is really nothing funny about it. Just some butt ugly guy acting like a fool in his kitchen. A chuckle from his wife? Maybe. All you other lemmings rolling on the floor laughing at the asshole? I don’t think so! Stupid idiots!

Seriously, people. Get a fucking grip. Jesus would be repulses to see you on your hands and knees, licking dooce’s taint and worshipping her as your false idol. Get a life so you can find something better to do in your spare time than sniff Heather’s sweaty jock strap.