What I object to is this wallowing, ‘woe is me’ wringing of hands, and – then when people start to lose interest – there is a little hint (‘Today is really really bad!’) dropped to keep people interested and concerned. It feels so manipulative and drama queen and staged. Like those girls in middle school who were always traumatised about something and hinted and cried in the washroom – but never ever came out and said what was wrong. Puts my teeth on edge.

What people in her life? Dim bulb hobo Cami? The people she pays to “like” her? I’m pretty sure her family keeps their distance. Who can blame them. The only person who really cared about her welfare was Jon and she fucked that up.

Seriously, what is wrong with you?!? Do you have any idea how deranged that prank was. I know a lot about Narcissism, but JESUS! Don’t you have a maternal bone in that flat ass body of yours? I know you love “your gays” (vomit), but I would have beaten the shit out of that creepy little midget. “Tyrant” (snork!), if you’re the one reading this, I really hope you think about this. Heather is very sick. Your bullshit is the last thing she needs. And wipe that cum sucking smirk off your face.