I don’t understand why the people in her life have not staged some kind of intervention re the eating disorder/ exercise addiction..? Who the hell gets off a long flight (esp one where they were so weak and exhausted on the way to the airport that they could barely life their suitcase) and does a bazillion freaking lunges, presumably as part of a whole workout session?? Lay the fuck down and take a nap.

Maybe she’s emotionally and physically exhausted because she finally caught a glimpse of the trainwreck of an interview that she gave on the Today show…twice. My god, it was embarrassingly bad, I actually felt sorry for her for the first time in like…um…ever.
Poor thing. My body would probably shut down too if I had to carry around a head and an ego as big as hers.

It always makes me laugh when mommybloggers say we “hate” them because we are jealous. I feel very fortunate that I don’t have to blog my family’s privacy away to make a living. I find it really sad that all these mommybloggers look at dooce like she’s the holy grail of blogging. She’s basically ruined her life and negatively affected her family members. Wow, I’m so jealous.