Window seat

A marvelous surprise I found on my phone, and yes, it is now safely archived on two different hard drives.

Look, ma. No snow!

This isn’t to rub it in, it’s to celebrate and give thanks to a weather pattern that has given our heating system a welcome reprieve.

On the road again

A few things I’ve learned while standing in the security line behind a woman wearing boots that lace up to her knees.

Wait until this gets picked up in a childfree by choice forum

I’m getting a nosebleed up here on this soap box.

Somewhere over western New York

We are so excited that we can tweet from planes and our kids will grow up, time travel back, watch us do it, and make the jerk off motion.

Along the edge

Home is where the salt is.

And off again

My fourth trip in five weeks and all I have for you is this one invaluable travel tip.

Bird’s-eye view of The Wasatch Range

Once again using my cellphone when it should have been stowed.

Kennecott in the distance

The view from 10,000 feet looking west.

From a chair in the air

Taking deep breaths and hoping I remember how to sprint.