Only in Utah

This is a small snippet from a radio news show here in Salt Lake City where the traffic reporter, Kristy Snow, is apparently high on cold medicine, and the result is really quite wonderful. This is what happens when you do those hard drugs! Click here to listen (thanks, Candice)

On to more important things

Did you know about this? BECAUSE I ONLY JUST NOW FOUND OUT. Is that really my voice? Yes. Yes, it is. Does it normally echo like that? Always. Doesn’t yours?

If I had a cell phone, I would make this my ringtone

Three nights ago someone called Jon’s cell phone at 2:21 AM and left a strange message that was just too precious to delete. So we encoded it into an MP3, and now I’m posting it here. For the future generations of Earth. This message needs no explanation, although I should point out that it represents [...]

For your reference

There is an ongoing argument in this house concerning the correct pronunciation of certain words, and it has only become more heated now that we are helping our child shape her vocabulary. One of my worst fears about living in Utah has always been that Leta would develop a Mormon accent, that there would be [...]

Ask nicely

In an effort to offset some of the eventual bad habits she might learn from us, like scratching her parts in public or asking a member of the wait staff for some ketchup to put on her steak, we’re trying to get Leta to ask for things nicely. It’s the least we could offer humanity. [...]

Now she knows her ABC’s, mostly

What you won’t hear on this audio post are the countless number of times we started recording her singing the ABC song only to have her stop at seven letters in, not because she couldn’t remember the rest but because she realized she had leverage. By all indications we are raising a hostage negotiator. Click [...]


Every night after Leta’s bath we lather her entire body with lotion to help protect her skin against the dry winter air. She loves this part of the routine and anticipates it by wiggling her feet frantically and chanting, “SHOSHUN! SHOSHUN! SHOSHUN!” For months Jon and I have been trying to teach her the correct [...]