The teen years

That one and this one were here to help celebrate Leta’s birthday and spread Mormon cheer.

Newsletter: Month One Hundred and Twenty

My little frog baby turns ten.


A lovely dinner underneath a masterfully painted sky.

The older siblings

The adrenaline rush from a birthday can make you tolerate a host of things that would normally make you barf.

Double digits

02-03-04, the single most transformative day of my life.


I’m going to say nice things about this man despite all the pranks and stunts he’s pulled over the years.

And then he held it up like Simba in the Lion King

Giving credit where credit is due: Ranger Hamilton, you win.

July 19th

A throwback to pom poms and skinned knees.

The many faces

And don’t think for one second that she ever let go of those balloons. In fact, she’s still holding them.

What idiot thought this was a good idea?

The grand finale of her birthday presents and the beginning of years of ER visits.