Paleo Slow Cooking

No, Paleolithic humans did not have slow cookers. I beat you to your zinger, TYRANT.

Rescued in America

This book is the second in a series of photo projects by Melissa McDaniel designed to raise awareness about the issues surrounding mistreated or misunderstood pets.

The Life and Love of Cats

UGH. I’m becoming a cat person, you guys.

Practical Paleo

Yeah, it’s a fad diet and you’re so disappointed that I am buying into this crap, right?

The French Dog

I’m going to go ahead and admit that almost every book I read these days is a download on my iPad.

Tails from the Fishbowl

Rachel Bellinsky is a photographer who lives in San Diego, and Tails from the Fishbowl is a collection of photographs of pets…

The Onion’s Great Escape

This vibrant, wacky book by Sara Fanelli about an onion and its need to explore life and escape the “big fry” is meant to be torn apart, scribbled in, folded over, thrown about. Its thick pages smell of colorful ink and the mechanical parts of the pres…

The Frank Show

This is a tale about a young boy who has been tasked to bring someone from his family to show-and-tell, and the only person available is his grumpy Grandpa Frank who complains a lot, prefers things the way they used to be and has a totally bum hip. Everyone else in class has someone interesting [...]

Extra Yarn

Over the weekend I organized Leta’s collection of books (this is what it looked like), and I found so many charming works that I didn’t even know were stuffed in there somewhere. I thought I’d feature some of my favorites over the next few weeks. This first one is called Extra Yarn (by Mac Barnett [...]