Down, set, hut!

I’d actually encourage her to take this up over the violin any day of the week.

Big ole happy Mormon family

Luckily no one brought up race at the dinner table, otherwise there would have been a somewhat delicious food fight.

When in Utah

When someone describes the culture here as “sometimes a little weird” this should help explain that a bit.

But Y?

Rise and shout, the cougars are down there somewhere!

It’s not even August and already we are armed

Weathering a heat wave with the help of my family and that which turns Marlo into a Golden Retriever.

“It Gets Better” at BYU

Since I am an alumnus of this school and one of the many reasons I left the Mormon Church was its doctrine around and treatment of homosexuality, I find this totally unexpected. I’m stunned, to tell you the truth. And I want to give a standing ovation to each person who participated in this, because [...]

“A Blue Marlin in a sea of tuna,” you can’t make this stuff up

Recently I have been receiving many, many emails about this. Take it in. It’s real (in the sense that it’s a real publicity stunt for the company he works for and that he’s 31 years old and still single, scandalous!). In fact, here’s the billboard along I-15 in Utah County. Beth happened to be driving [...]

A Day in the Life of BYU College Student George Boone

(Editor’s notes will be seen in italics) Is it weird then when I came home from college for my Brother’s reception that there is more food at my apartment in Provo then there is here? I mean there is a surplus of wedding cake, but one can only eat so much. Also, why is there [...]

This is the post that they will read at the judgment bar of God to prove that I belong in Hell

Yesterday I found out that a young and impressionable cousin of mine is reading this website (Hi, George!). I found out because he sent me an email that began, “Dearest cousin Heather, I must say I thoroughly enjoy your website,” and ended with three attached photos of his new cat, Ass Face. While I consider [...]

If They Only Knew . . .

What a badass motherfucker they were unleashing on an unsuspecting world. You gotta love unpacking old boxes full of pictures you thought you’d burned years ago, only to find gems like this one which, if I ever ran for office, could be used against me to prove what a poseur I really am. I wore [...]