Lace on Lace

Three pops of my favorite color. An early birthday present. Dress: Urban Outfitters Lace coat: Vintage Heels: Urban Outfitters Clutch: ASOS Sunnis: ASOS Bracelets: Susan Hanover Designs (Enter Dooce at checkout to get 50% purchase until the 31) (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

Metallic Lover

That purse needs a chihuahua sticking out of it PRONTO. Dress: Vintage (similar here) Heels: ASOS Clutch: Vintage (similar here) Necklace: Susan Hanover Designs (enter DOOCE at checkout for 50% off until July 31) Sunnies: House of Harlow (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)


Before anyone is like, wait, is she wearing a black bra underneath that transparent shirt? Just let me go ahead and answer DUH. Blouse: F21 Skirt: Zara (similar here) Heels: F21 (similar here) Bag: Vintage Glasses: Warby Parker Evil eye necklace: Susan Hanover Designs (50% off any purchase until July 31. Enter DOOCE at checkout!) [...]

I like jeans

Considering how hots it’s been I can’t imagine how she got those jeans on or off. And oh my god you get your filthy mind out of the gutter right now, CARL. Jean Top: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Heels: ASOS Leather clutch: Mine, out soon! Sunnies: ASOS (You can [...]

Vintage Shawl

Leta owns the miniature version of this dress, so when she sees this she’s going to be like, “Why is Cami dressed like an eight-year-old?” Shawl: Vintage, my mothers since she was eighteen (similar here) Dress: Thrifted (similar here) Sandals: Thrifted (similar here) Clutch: Thrifted (similar here) Sunnies: ASOS (You can find Cami here. Photos [...]

Crochet Shorts

Um, I think the title says all you need to know about this one. In 1979 we had a macrame owl hanging on our wall in the living room, and it looked just like those shorts. Blouse: Thrifted (similar here) Crochet shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Sandals: Urban Outfitters Clutch: ASOS Sunnies: ASOS Headband: ASOS [...]

Sheer Blue

Cami killed a rare blue leopard in Wyoming and made it into a shirt. Shhhh! That’s probably illegal! Blouse: Urban Outfitters Shorts: Nordstrom Heels: Urban Outfitters Sunnies: ASOS Clutch: Leather fold overs, coming soon! (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

Cute in Cody

What you can’t see from this angle is the wide open back of her shirt.

Floral Flow

I’ve actually seen Cami wearing this dress in person, and it’s one of those that unexpectedly takes your breath away. It helps that her personality does that anyway. Dress: Target Jean jacket: Thrifted (similar here) Heels: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Clutch: Clare Vivier Sunnies: ASOS Necklace: Susan Hanover Designs (You can find Cami here. Photos [...]


There’s my gorgeous sister wife! Dress: Vintage Heels: F21 (similar here) Clutch: ASOS Sunnies: ASOS Necklace: Susan Hanover Designs Bracelets: ASOS, ThreadSence, F21, Vintage (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)