Finally some downtime

When they weren’t playing hide and seek, throwing frisbees, or constructing elaborate forts out of quilts.


The dangers of introducing this kid to any type of animal. No one get her a stuffed opossum.


Yes, she’s watching more television, but at least she’s learning how to solve mysteries. From a gaggle of kids hanging out with a talking dog in a kidnapper’s van.

Sans lait

In those first few moments in the morning as they are rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

Modern childhood

Their five-year age difference is one of the most entertaining aspects of my life.

On having a little more insight into John Travolta

The acceptance speech I would have given, although the orchestra would have probably cut me off and flipped me the bird.

A physical ache

Yes, the mornings are total chaos but a mother’s brain is messed up enough to miss them.

To Grandmommy’s house they went

Grandparents exist to exact revenge, and I don’t understand why there isn’t legislature to regulate this.

A note on family planning

Having more than one child doesn’t double or triple the work. It multiplies it to the nth degree. And then laughs at you.

More purple

“Purple People Eater” is the ongoing soundtrack to this home.