Winter blues

Here’s a dimple to distract you from the a terrifying display of climate change.

Lily Bee

Marlo calls her “my friend Lily who is very tall.”

This blog about my life

Oh really? A mommyblog? Is that what this is?

Oh two, oh three, oh four

On the occasion of her eleventh birthday.

In case you were wondering why everything is broken

Milli Vanilli had it all wrong. Blame it on Mercury.

I have gifted my cousin a set of grandparents

A mini-McKenzie for all the Boones who dare read this website.

Castles and gardens and ponds

There’s got to be a support group for parents whose children are addicted to this game.

“Perhaps You’ve Noticed You’re Changing…”

Seriously, what were filmmakers in the Eighties thinking when producing puberty education videos?

Baby G

It’s fine. I baby proofed that table with some turpentine.

Flashback Friday

My little baby Bobo, innocent and perfect in every possible way.