And the scores are in

My most recently used emojis now include the party hat, the star, the crown and the glass of red wine.

Purple people eater

You didn’t realize that cannibals could be so adorable, did you.

Wherein her long limbs come in handy

I didn’t even mention the part where I got to style her hair with the curling iron. One of my favorite days as a parent.

Red, white and blue

It was an early Sunday morning so her glasses were sleeping in.

Their different smiles

One with dimples, the other from ear to ear, both the highlight of my morning.

They (heart) sleepovers

The good news is that this time they didn’t end up in the backyard at 5AM yelling to see if any of the neighbors were awake.

The saddest day in all of the land

Parenting wins rarely occur without an accompanying, disproportionate parenting fail.

“Elevator, Elevator, take me home”

I recently saw a tweet that said something like, “If someone is born in Vegas, do they have to stay there forever? Serious legal question.”

My golden retriever

What? Don’t you play in water wearing your best Sunday dress?

Ms. Lola

Lola is too young to read my website, but maybe her sister will share this with her: BOOGERS!