Even he’s confused

We practice political correctness in this household especially when decorating the dog.

The most boggled time of the year

Oh yes, we are so festive up in this dancery.

Your mailing address, please

Friends and family are going to be like, whoa. Heather knows how to use the Postal Service?

Last one standing

Are all those rumors/myths about gluten FOR REAL and my immune system is stronger because I don’t consume it?

Maternal instincts

Living with kids and their detritus.

His fate

Sthanta Clausth brought Marlo a ton of Sthuffed animalsth for Christhmas.

Probably the worst idea ever

The number of things wrong with this is so high that it makes the concept of infinity seem tiny.

Cranberry salad

An exceptional imitation of canine taxidermy.

Bless this food that it might not trigger heart disease

How to cook: use one hand to call for takeout, the other to scratch your butt.

Hand-crafted Christmas cards

Do you have a hard time sending out Christmas Cards in a timely fashion? (RAISES HAND)