Pre-flight excitement

Before I broke the news that I was leaving on yet another jet plane.


No animal was injured in the unwrapping of this Christmas morning.

Seasons greetings

Despite all appearances, we are not hunkered down here with guns and cannons and flaming menorahs.

The annual December whomping

Well, not so much of a whomp as a plop, but it’s looking like a white Christmas.

In need of a seat warmer

Yes, Chuck. I remember what it was like to Christmas shop in flip-flops in LA. I feel your pain.

Why we gotta have cheer?

Whenever I get a shot of Chuck mid-yawn I imagine him having a very thick Midwestern accent.

What? Who? Me?

The look that says he knows he did something wrong but he’s not sure why it’s so wrong.

Even he’s confused

We practice political correctness in this household especially when decorating the dog.

Look what the pig dragged in

My dog loves me for one reason only and I can’t really blame him.

Roasted, salted, in shell

This is so insane considering how much a bag of these damn things costs.