One of the only shots I got of this howling water dog when I thought I would walk away with hundreds.

Because I love punishment

Do not shake your head at me, I am doing it right this time.

A protected watershed

Leaving the dogs at home because Utah is all dainty and needs to have clean drinking water.

Matching the decor

This morning in the entryway with memories of chasing lizards and chipmunks through sagebrush.

Part of his world

I will not be surprised if he pees on multiple pieces of furniture today.

Wherein Coco is envious of Chuck

Coco may take up sulking in the basement pretty soon if this keeps up.

Playing favorites

If only he had loyal Internet followers who cared about him at all.

Daddy’s girl

A skeptic turned into a zealot.

Marlo’s spirit animal

This water dog is teaching my water dog a few new tricks.

Simple pleasures

Soaking in the heat of early July, my favorite month of the year.