Triumphant, temporary return

If only Coco would show the slightest bit of emotion.

Our man in Washington

UGH. Why he gotta be so ambitious?

To teach and preach

If you haven’t locked your front door now might be a really good time to do so.

Pen pals

I love her tiny little hand holding that giant pen and the fact that she isn’t at that moment using it as a weapon.

Basket of fun

Who needs a game console when there’s a fancy basket sitting right there?

The gang

Soon that patio will be covered in snow, and even then he won’t put any shoes on.

An early Halloween

Yet another prank with lasting repercussions, thankfully not digestive in nature.

Dane came back! Dane came back!

Unsure now how to feel about the return of his best friend.

The last play dates

We’re going to miss him, but this one will probably feel it the most.

Dusting off my Southern hospitality

By the end of the night everyone was speaking with a drawl and swapping stories about the mud flaps on their pickup trucks.