For those who live with those like me

Yesterday Jon posted what I think is one of the best things he’s ever written on his website about what it’s like this second time around. A snippet: My therapist told me a couple of years ago that she thought I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) around pregnancy because of what we went [...]

Familiar territory

Yesterday morning after a bit of a blurry night, one that resembled the many blurry nights before it where the newest member of the family periodically yelled orders and shot butterscotch poo four feet up and out the back of her diaper — wait, have I mentioned yet that Marlo doesn’t cry? I’m serious. She [...]

Internet, I’m craving Doritos

I had a sonogram this morning, and everything looks wonderfully normal. The last several weeks have been totally nerve-wracking, and I cannot describe the relief I felt seeing two tiny hands waving about and a steady, rhythmic heartbeat. Due date is June 14th.

Four years

Leta has recently stolen three of my delicious lip glosses, the pineapple, lime and mango-flavored ones, and this morning she begged me to let her wear the dress with the pockets so that she could take one to school and keep it with her all day. I think several of her friends are also into [...]

Because I couldn’t say it on the phone

I was recently at lunch with a few friends, one who had just been diagnosed with OCD that manifests itself in a need to straighten up everything around her, and I was all really? That’s considered OCD? Because I thought that was just considered BEING ALIVE. And because she hasn’t ever read this website she [...]

In answer to recent email

Many of you have written to ask what I think about what is going on with Britney Spears, and I have to say that some of the emails have been a bit nicer to her than others. Normally I would try to find some bit of humor in what seems to be happening, but I [...]

What it is like

Usually I would put a link like this over to the left under the Daily Links section, but I think it’s important enough to include here in the main content. A columnist for the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Chris Rose, an admitted skeptic of depression, finds himself struggling to cope with overwhelming feelings of hopelessness [...]

Newsletter: Month Thirty-two

Dear Leta, This week you turned thirty-two months old. This month you took your first plane ride, or at least the first one that counts. The other first plane ride of your life happened two years ago, but there’s no possible way you will ever remember it, and no possible way I could ever forget [...]

Go forth and multiply

When my sister was pregnant for the fourth time she gave my mother a frame with places for five pictures as a christmas gift. I was standing directly next to my mother when she opened it, and I noticed before she did that the first three mats in the frame corresponded to my sister’s first [...]

Still taking the Thank God Tom Cruise Is Not In Charge Otherwise I Would Be Dead Right Now Vitamin

When Jon left his job we lost our group insurance coverage. I knew that I would have a hard time qualifying for individual coverage given my dramatic bout of postpartum depression and consequent stint at a medical facility, but I had no idea that we’d have such a hard time getting Leta covered or Jon [...]