Dog days

Is yawning really contagious? We’re about to find out.

Sweet and senile

I guess this is what happens when you’re in your sixties.

Choir director

All of this before 7AM. Life is so very wonderfully full.

Executive assistant

My coworkers on their ten minute break from making it impossible for me to get any work done.

Her dawg

Coco is her best friend, and she is Coco’s job.

The dog whisperer strikes again

Would you look at the adoration on that dog’s face.


Chuck remembers Southern California, and he could definitely roll.


Occasionally I like to reassure you that sometimes I pay attention to my dogs. This is one of those instances.

When one is lacking sheep

Tennis balls: when farm animals are forced to live in suburban homes.

Snout warmer

Sharing my wardrobe for the health of my pets. It’s the least I could do.